Small and happy's Disney Friday!

Happy Friday first of all! would also like to say thank you Tesco for topping off a lovely week with these beautiful recyclable shopper bags! 

I feel like everyone would be happier if they carried their shopping in one of these babies don't you? 

How have all your weeks been? Mine has been good but busssyyyyyy though it does feel like January is flying! 

What are you up to this weekend? I for one feel like a Disney movie this weekend. Aladdin was on tv last week and it really got me in the mood again for a proper Disney binge! I'm thinking maybe Little mermaid or even going down the Pixar route with Wall E. I watched it for the first time over Christmas and was blown away,it was beautiful! 

Anyone else only just gotten round to seeing certain Disney movies? Is there anyone out there who's still not seen Frozen? Do you have a favourite underrated Disney movie?

Okay, I'm going stop now but when it comes to this topic I can just keep harping on and on and on ha!

Lots of love, happy FriYAY! 

Sophia x


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