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Small, happy and what I REALLY want for Christmas.

Now I must admit that I'm not massively materialistic, however even I usually love to create a good old wishlist around this time of year. 

Despite this, this year I found myself racking my brains trying to think of what my family could get me this year. When I stopped and thought (and really thought) I realised that what I REALLY want can't be bought. So I haven't asked anyone for any of these things, perhaps I am asking myself and the universe I suppose...

My (real) Christmas wishlist:

For no more attacks to occur like the monstrosities we had in Paris.

For people to have food on their table not just for Christmas but for the whole year.

That mental health would be taken seriously and people given the help and support they need.

That we find a cure for cancer.

That children all up and down the UK (and particularly those in my class) have a safe, happy home life where they are shown love.

That we don't lose ourselves in social media and that our children and teenagers realise how it does not represent real life.

That people stop discriminating against people for ridiculous reasons.

Wouldn't it be great if just one of these wishes came true? I know it sounds corny and of course I lust after THINGS as much as the next person but as I age I really am thinking about the world and the happiness of those around me. So I pray that one of these wishes come true for at least some people this Christmas!

What would be your one Christmas miracle wish? 

Sophia xxxx

Small and happy and Mulberry lusting!

I am in love.

Ain't she a beauty? The pastels, the adorable size, the gorgeous chain, I could go on and on...

But, before I do, one thing you need to know about me is that I'm not materialistic. At all. I don't want expensive make up or Louboutins or designer clothes. I will always prefer to save and spend money on travel.

But then there's Mulberry.

Their classic designs and gorgeous colours have always made me go full on heart eye emoji and I have always had my eye on one of their bags. I wanted the larger Bayswater satchel but their prices make my bank account and heart very sad.

Enter the mini Lily! This lovely sized version of the classic larger Lily is slightly more affordable at £350. If I put birthday money towards it and save up and don't buy anything for a few months that is!

I know I shouldn't lust after possessions but I do just keep coming back to wanting one special bag, a lovely piece that I can pass on and keep for years to come before that. I like the idea that owning a bag like this, or us buying anything we truly want because we have worked hard and saved up is a concrete reminder of the hours and effort we put in every day.

After all, life is hard, we work hard and our hard earned money is ours to spend on whatever makes us happy! So my point today is, treat yourself. Don't bankrupt yourself obviously and be sensible within your means, but it you want something badly, save up, work hard and then splurge, guilt free :) 

So, I've managed to make myself feel better about my slight materialistic tendencies! But now I want to know, what's on your list?! What's that one item you really, really want?

Lots of love,

Sophia :) xxx

Small, happy and ASOS wishlisting!

As you know I'm not a hugely bothered fashionista by any stretch. I don't follow trends or read fashion magazines. However I am a girl, and a girly girl at that and so I am no more immune to the lure of some beautiful clothes (especially summery, pastel ones!) than the next!

ASOS is one of my faves. It's the only place I really shop online because I never seem to have sizing issues like I do with other stores.  I put together this little wishlist a while ago so after checking today I noticed that my size have already gone but I'm hoping that they'll restock! *crosses fingers*

1. I love this floral print dress firstly, I have a wedding coming up (next year haha!) and in case you can't tell I am desperate to have an event to buy a dress for and I think this would be perfect.

2. Summer is coming and I am all over the clothes, this playsuit would be such a cute cover up for lazy beach days.  This is one that's already gone in my size so ASOS if you're reading PLEASE get this back in size 6!!

3. This is an SATC worthy skirt if I ever saw one but it just is so pretty and ballerina-esque I couldn't resist adding it to the list.

4. This is just the most beautiful, Disney princess dress ever.  I need it.  For no other reason that it is the most pretty thing I may have ever seen. 

5. Again, another cutesy summery dress and I love the pastel colour.  I could just see myself wearing this with the Sun blazing down (obviously I'm not imagining myself in the UK in this scenario!)

6. A bit different from the rest, this is a nice simple, clean dress and I don't really have anything striped so I'd quite like to change that and get a little Parisian Spring vibe going on!

Where do you love shopping online?  What's on your ASOS wishlist at the minute?  I know you have one too!

Lots of love to you lovelies!  Have a brilliant weekend!

Sophia :) xxxx

Small and Happy Christmas! (cards) The Paperchase edition.

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with buying cards. Birthday cards, Christmas, Valentine's,  get well soon, thinking of you, everything. If there's any kind of teeny occasion that could warrant a card, I'll buy one. So when Christmas comes around and I have a bunch of people to get cards for, for me it is, for want of a better phrase, like Christmas come early! With no doubts in my mind, Paperchase is my first port of call, they always have so many gems and the festive season is no different.

I love the Gemma Correll card, she's always so funny and her cards are so brilliant. Cute and quirky for people who don't love the more mushy, cheesy cards. Any fans of Elf will love the 'Santa, I know him' card so that works for pretty much everyone! I particularly love the 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas' card. It's simple and elegant and it reminds me of one of my favourite Christmas tunes. This card would be perfect for any friends who have those kind of all white, pinterest kind of beautiful rooms where you feel bad introducing any kind of garish colour! Anyone else have any of those kind of friends?

This advent calendar house card is so beautiful, it has little advent windows as well so this is definitely the card that keeps on giving. I might even buy this for myself, I don't have an advent calendar yet after all! Couldn't get over this troll card either, remember thirds little guys?! So cute! God, why is it not socially  acceptable for people send themselves cards yet?! I want them all.

Dad is much more into cheesy cards then my mum (go figure!) and I reckon he'd like this card, anything with a cartoon on and he's sold, yep he's never grown up. My favourite people to buy Christmas cards for are my sister and boyfriend as I have the most private jokes with them so I can always try and get something really quirky and the kind of card and everyone else looks at like 'eh?' But you just give each other a knowing look and smile!

Where do you buy your cards from? How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? If anyone knows any cute card online stores please tell me, I have a slight card addiction as you're probably well aware by now...


Small, happy and smelling fruity and nutty.

1. Mango Festive Picks £17 2. Nutty Sweethearts £12 3. Cocoa butter lip care stick £4 4. Glazed Apple body butter £13 5. Satsuma shower gel £4

I know the blogging world is obsessed with Lush. Every blog I read is reviewing their Christmas range and yet, I have always loved The Body Shop, me and their body butters go waaay back. So because I feel like I'm the only fan in this blogosphere I felt like I should give it some digital love with a selection of a few of the things I'm lusting after this festive season.

1. The mango festive picks - I love the smell of this, so fresh and fruity and not sickly so having a full set of all the best mango goodies would make a perfect gift. This is a great scent if you're not too sure if they're into sweet scents, it's nice but not overpowering.

2. Cute packaging and some really nice smells,  coconut is my favourite out of these nutty, more neutral scents.  Plus, three body butters for £12?!  Amazing.

3. Great as a stocking filler or a gift from you to you, this cocoa butter lip care stick stick makes your lips taste so nice and chocolatey and it smells great! Totally addicted to this stuff.

4. I can't say too much about this as I haven't actually tried  their new glazed apple range but I am absolutely desperate to and I am confident that it will smell delicious and festive. There are cranberry and vanilla ranges which are limited edition too so if you like any of these Christmas smells get your (ice) skates on and get to the shop!

5. Another great stocking filler or secret Santa I love the satsuma range as well and this is another nice present if you're not sure what their specific tastes are. Body shop's shower gels are great, if you've not tried them I would really recommend them, they last for ages! 

Anyone else love The Body Shop or are you all Lush ladies through and through? Have you tried the glazed apple or other festive ranges?

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