Small and Happy Christmas! (cards) The Paperchase edition.

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with buying cards. Birthday cards, Christmas, Valentine's,  get well soon, thinking of you, everything. If there's any kind of teeny occasion that could warrant a card, I'll buy one. So when Christmas comes around and I have a bunch of people to get cards for, for me it is, for want of a better phrase, like Christmas come early! With no doubts in my mind, Paperchase is my first port of call, they always have so many gems and the festive season is no different.

I love the Gemma Correll card, she's always so funny and her cards are so brilliant. Cute and quirky for people who don't love the more mushy, cheesy cards. Any fans of Elf will love the 'Santa, I know him' card so that works for pretty much everyone! I particularly love the 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas' card. It's simple and elegant and it reminds me of one of my favourite Christmas tunes. This card would be perfect for any friends who have those kind of all white, pinterest kind of beautiful rooms where you feel bad introducing any kind of garish colour! Anyone else have any of those kind of friends?

This advent calendar house card is so beautiful, it has little advent windows as well so this is definitely the card that keeps on giving. I might even buy this for myself, I don't have an advent calendar yet after all! Couldn't get over this troll card either, remember thirds little guys?! So cute! God, why is it not socially  acceptable for people send themselves cards yet?! I want them all.

Dad is much more into cheesy cards then my mum (go figure!) and I reckon he'd like this card, anything with a cartoon on and he's sold, yep he's never grown up. My favourite people to buy Christmas cards for are my sister and boyfriend as I have the most private jokes with them so I can always try and get something really quirky and the kind of card and everyone else looks at like 'eh?' But you just give each other a knowing look and smile!

Where do you buy your cards from? How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? If anyone knows any cute card online stores please tell me, I have a slight card addiction as you're probably well aware by now...



  1. I love heading into Paperchase every year to pick a selection of Christmas cards! I like getting special cards from Etsy- in fact Etsy is a dangerous goldmine for me!

    The Awkward Blog

  2. Oh yes, Etsy is amazing too although I find the amount of choice overwhelming sometimes! Do you have any favourite sellers? I need guidance haha! xxxx


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