Small and Happy's slightly belated Disney Friday! #3



Firstly, I am sorry this is late, it's been a crazy week and I'm onto a busy weekend (Manchester Christmas markets, HUNGER GAMES AAAH) so I thought I needed to crack this post out before Friday is just a distant memory...

So for today's Disney Friday I'm sharing the trailer (enjoy it here) for the Big Mouse's new live action version of the classic Cinderella.  The new film set for release in 2015 stars Richard Madden aka the King of the North aka the beautiful Robb Stark, Cate Blanchett and Downton Abbey's Lily James as the titular role. I hope no one laughed at the first part of that word....we are all adults here, I hope!

So I want to know, what do you think? I must admit, I do love it and am excited for it for all the same reasons I loved the story as a child: the magic, the fairy godmother, the handsome prince, THE DRESS, so in terms of achieving all of that it looks like it's onto a winner.

But what do you think of live action versions of the animated classics? Are you for or against them? I personally would love to see a live action Aladdin although I do think The Lion King might be slightly harder to pull off (very funny, I know...)

So let me know, are you excited by this at all? Or are you dying for something more original?



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