Small and Happy's Disney Friday! #2

 Pictures taken from ones pinned on my Pinterest board.

Another week has flown by! I cannot believe it's already time for this post again but hi ho there we go (bit of Snow White there!)

Anyway, I thought with this series I'd try and encourage a bit of discussion as well, Disney themed obvs. Sorry I can't help it! I need Disney fanatics to step up here.

So anyway, my first question in this topic:

What nationalities would you like to see represented in newer Disney films?

For example, we have had China, Scandinavia and Scotland covered albeit briefly in Mulan, Frozen and Brave respectively but what other countries or ethnicities would you like to see explored? Diversity is a big thing for many who love Disney and I know a lot of people have opinions. I for one would like a film that looked more into the Indian culture, perhaps taking a well know Indian story and bringing it to a wider audience. The Indian culture is so diverse in itself and full with colour, stories and music and I think it would make for a cracking film! I know some people are not always happy with how the ethnic minorities have been represented but at the the end of day as much we adults love them, we need to remember that these movies are being made for children. In my mind even bringing any awareness to different cultures to children can't be a bad thing, right?

Anyway that's my two cents but what do you think? Where do you think Disney should venture next, or should they at all if they don't know them well enough? Do you feel like they represent different cultures well? Which movie featuring an ethnic princess have your preferred so far?

Aside from that, what are you guys up to this weekend?  I for one will be lounging in front of the tv tonight, laughing (and crying, no doubt) at Children in Need and Gogglebox!  Have a good one whatever you are doing, please tell me your plans!

Basically I have a lot of questions haha! So pipe up and let me know :)



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