Small, happy and #TRAVELTUESDAY

Morning! How are we all this fine day?

I'm joking about the weather obvs, it's pretty grey here but hey ho, inside my head I'm tanning on a beach somewhere! 

Today I thought I'd post a quick picture for #traveltuesday.

Travel is a huge passion of both mine and my boyfriend's and we've been lucky to go to lots of amazing places. However, I don't seem to talk about travel enough on this blog!

And so, the picture above is from Copenhagen which is where we have booked a cheeky little weekend getaway in June. The prices for the flight and hostel were amazing so we just jumped! This is especially good news as from several different accounts I've heard Copenhagen is expensive!

So what I'd love is some recommendations? Have you ever been? What European city breaks are your favourite? 

Have a Super Tuesday!

Lots of love,



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