Small and 10 happy things! #13

Why hello there! 

I know I haven't done one of these lovely little lists in a while but it's not for lack for good things, honest! In fact it's almost the opposite, what with my birthday and Rome before that I just haven't gotten back into my usual routine of writing the great things down! 

I've found that I really missed that reflection time where I look at all the big and little things that make each week unique and special. This is such an important skill I think, to be able to come away from a week thinking. 'Thank GOD that's over', but then being able to step back and realise actually there's always little moments that made it worthwhile. After all, we are alive and there's always good in every day.

Right, philosophical ramble over, here are the 10 things that made me happy this past week! 

1. Bank holiday Monday off! It was my birthday too so that was a double whammy of excitement! It was so nice to be waking up on Monday with my family (and presents obvs!) and knowing I had nowhere to rush off to.

2. Delicious froyo on Monday. What is a birthday without my favourite frozen treat?! Nothing, is the answer. When boyfriend and I got back to Altrincham we wandered over to Yogberries in Hale for an extra large of our favourite yoghurt! Beats cake any day.

3. Getting my spiralizer!! This has just been a dream come true. I did a spiralized carrot pasta and it was immense! I can't wait to do more and more.

4. A lovely Friday night in. Nothing wild, just me, boyfriend, some delicious cooking and the fantastic Gogglebox.

5. My friend Charlotte's pre hen do on Saturday. Apparently this is a thing now but I went to her house in Wakefield for a get together BBQ so that we could all get to know each other before the hen do in Malaga in a couple of weeks!

6. An impromptu trip home to Sheffield. I took advantage of needing to be in good old Yorkshire on Saturday and made a pit stop at home. It was great to see my Mum and sister and to have some big cuddles and catch ups. Always a lovely boost before a week of work.

7. Trying out my new squash racket! One of my presents from my boyfriend was a squash racket. We play so often but I have kept renting one which is not cost effective so I finally got my own. I wanted a bright pink glittery one but apparently they do not exist?! So my perfectly aesthetically adequate green one has been an absolute winner so far! 

8. Seeing beautiful blossom on the way to work. I was so giddy when I saw this I just had to stop and take pictures! All I can say is thank god none of my pupils saw me, they wouldn't have let me forget that in a hurry! 

9. Watching some really fun travel videos on Youtube. Expedia does these really good 5/10 minute travel guides on all different cities in the world. They're really informative and totally wanderlustworthy. I'll warn you though, you might end up adding places to the just highlight you'd never in a million years want to go! St Petersburg?! Now officially on the list.

10. Getting belated birthday presents. I got my boyfriend's sister's present just this weekend as she lives down south and it always makes me happy to spread out the birthday excitement! She got me the Deliciously Ella book as well which is pretty much on everyone's shelves on wishlist at the moment so I can't wait to get cracking with some of those gorgeous recipes!

Those are things that have made me smile in May. To be fair, I just love this month for so many reasons so you'll be hard pressed to see me unhappy but still, it's nice to sit back and take stock of the big and small things that make our lives what they are.

What's made you a happy chappy this past week?

Lots of love and other smiley things,



  1. Spring blossom is the loveliest <3

  2. I know isn't it just! It's absolutely gorgeous, I want to see all the cherry blossom trees in Japan someday :) xxx


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