Small and Happy's Singapore snaps!

Hello there! I am currently alive so I'm sorry for the lack of updates it's just I am currently busy being kept up by jet lag in the wonderful Singapore! 

This is the first leg of mine and my boyfriend's tour of South East Asia and for some reason he has adapted to the new time zone perfectly whereas I...well let's just say I'm glad I have my bloglovin feed!

So whilst tossing and turning in my humid bed (painting a nice picture for you, non?) I thought, 1am seems like a perfect time to update you guys on what we've been up to these four or so days that we have been here! In photo form obviously because four nights on with no sleep is starting to seriously affect my linguistic capabilities...

The famous and exclusive Raffles hotel where we obviously did not stay (cough *I wish, sorry hostel* cough)

But where we DID go for the equally famous Singapore sling. Gin does terrible and humiliating things to me (some other time guys...) so boyfriend finished this off, however I did love peeling the peanuts. Did you know the floor in the Long bar at Rafflea is covered in peanut shells? You're actually meant to throw them on the floor after eating the nuts, no joke. I promise. It felt so counter intuitive and daring just chucking then on the ground. I really enjoyed it!

Living it up wild style here in Asia I tell you.

We also hit up Singapore's botanic gardens and visited their beautiful orchid garden. I took waaaay too many photos of flowers but they're my absolute favourite so I just couldn't resist! 

We also nipped over to Legoland Malaysia which made boyfriend grin like a mad English man all day and we saw Lego versions of some amazing Asian landmarks. Seriously? How good is this? No need to trek to India now...

Their snack game was also very strong and I was immensely pleased with my pot of sweetcorn as an afternoon pick me up. Like I said, crazy teacher on tour...

I even came away with some new friends. #squadgoals

Back in Singapore we popped into to a cat cafe where once again I was reminded that animals simply do not like me as much as I like them. This gorgeous chinchilla Persian was totally above giving anyone any attention, she was the sassiest cat ever and knowing cats and their attitudes like we humans do, that's saying something. The woman even had to bring her special cat food because 'she won't eat it if she thinks it's been out too long' seriously, the Mariah Carey of the feline race.

And finally to finish off this update here is a shot of the lovely SG at night. I tell you, no matter where you go in the world, being to eat outside by the water with loved ones is always going to be one of the top experiences :) but saying that, this is a pretty perfect spot to do so.

Getting emotional in my tired state, my bad. 

Anyway, I'm off to toss and turn some more (ever the sleep optimist!) but how are you all doing? And welcome to the newbies, please say hi!!

Have ever of you been to SE Asia? Any favourite places?

Lots of love, 
Sophia :) xxxx


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