Small, happy and celebrating you guys!!

Sorry for the blurred photo (photography pro I am not) but here I am jumping for joy at having reached 50 followers! 

*whips out an old cheer routine beach skde*

Now this makes me as pleased as if that figure was 50,000 and here's why: I don't update much (my all consuming career holds me back sometimes), I don't post routinely or on a schedule and as previously mentioned and evidenced, I don't take photographs like the next Annie Leibowitz! These are all things 'successful' bloggers do so the fact hat you guys follow what I do in spite of all that makes me feel really humble.

On that note, I have been spurned on and inspired recently so I am going to make a valiant effort to post more. A) because I enjoy it and b) because some of guys must enjoy it too!

So thanks! It's been a slow and steady start this here blogging journey, but I'm determined to keep riding it and giving it more of my all!

I would also like to thank a couple of bloggers out there that I follow and who I know follow me, your blogs are a massive inspiration and I feel so excited that you guys read this little space here too!

As many hugs and kisses as I can get across the interweb,

Sophia xxxx


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