Small, happy and touching down in Hong Kong!

Hello there!!

So here I am again, the wonderful, magical, dazzling place that is Hong Kong. It is as busy as it is beautiful and because our room is the size of a box (as in I'm 5ft and can touch both ends of the room....) we are spending the smallest amount of time in the hostel as possible! 

This means boo for updating on here but yay for lots of sight seeing which I suppose is a good thing as I'm loving being able to share this place with boyfriend. We're only here for two days so we gotta hustle Asian style! Seriously, they walk with purpose here, I love it, they get shit done! Boyfriend with his English ways keeps bumbling and getting left behind, it's hilarious.

Until I can't see him, I can worrying he's been 'taken'! Ridiculous, I know,

Anyway, less on that, I mostly wanted to drop in and say hi and I'm sure we'll be able to have a nice catch up on the next more relaxing leg of our tour, Boracay in the Philippines!

Has anyone been to the Philippines? If you have what can I expect? Where would be on your Asia bucket list? What have you been up to this summer? 

Sophia :) xxxx


  1. So one of my friends is from the Philippines, she says it's very chilled, lots of markets and beautiful vistas of course. I really want to go to Japan, explore the urban cities and the jungles. I'd also like to see Hong Kong, heard the food is amazing.

    1. Your friend is lucky, it's beautiful here in the Philippines! I'd love to go to Japan too, think I'd need to do some serious planning to fit everything in, there's so many amazing things to see there! :)

      Sophia xxx


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