Small and Happy's top 5 Netflix choices!

Firstly, Happy Halloween everyone! However, I don't want to mislead you into thinking this is a spooky post, it's not. It's an obsessional one!

With the joy of half term (thank you career life choice) I have had some rare time to treat myself to some Netflix and chill sessions. I have discovered several new addictions so I thought I'd round up some of my recent watches in case anyone is searching for anything new to watch. Quick disclaimer though, these can all be found on American Netflix or your normal streaming sites! 

1. Once Upon a Time

I have finally gotten into this show after a few non starts with it (bad timing etx) and it's basically everything I love about fairytales and magic and romance all rolled into one! I'm just about to finish season 1 and I can't wait to see which characters appear next. So far we've had Snow White, Belle, Rumpelstiltskin and so many more!

2. Parks and Recreation

This is just hilarious. Watch this show. The end. It's shot mockumentary style like The Office and it follows the incredible Amy Poehler and her team at the parks and recreation department (full of extremely quirky and kooky characters) in a small American town. It's so quick witted and if you don't know it now you'll have seen hilarious moments giffed somewhere for sure! 

3. The X Files

I've recently gotten into this 90s classic after always wanting to watch it, hearing such good things and the revelation that they're going to making new episodes on Netflix. Each episode is so creative with the wonderful Mulder and Scully (talk about sexual tension!) facing a different seemingly paranormal crime. It's addictive watching and is perfect for this time of year so it's time to catch up now before the 2016 instalment hits our screens! 

4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I have already watched this before but I decided I just had to show it to my boyfriend and honestly it's so much better when you can share something you love with someone else, especially a comedy! This is so fun and quirky a must watch for anyone who loves to laugh (so basically, everyone!)

5. Gilmore Girls

Basically, forever and always. Especially now that we know they're bring it back.  THEY'RE BRINGING IT BACK.

So those are the shows I'm loving lately, how about you? What are you binge watching at the minute? 

Also what are your plans for Halloween lovelies? Anything fun? I for one am planning a night in with boyfriend cooking and watching Halloweeny specials and what not! Plus we're onto the season finale of Kimmy Schmidt so you know, tis the season and what not!

Happy trick or treating :)

Sophia xxx


Small and Happy's Autumn Days!

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled and the silk inside a chestnut shell...

Did anyone else use to sing that hymn in primary school? If not, google it, it's pretty cheery and uplifting for this Autumnal time of year.

Now before we start I miss confess: Autumn is not my favourite time of year (I know, bad blogger award, I don't drink pumpkin spice lattes either!). I'm more of a summer girl but I must admit there lots of lovely things about this time of year and Pinterest is the best place to make you fall in love with anything!

I love the excitement and spookiness of Halloween and being a nesh (Yorkshire for always cold) kinda gal I dress like it's Autumn pretty much all year round, so the cosy scarves and socks are an ultimate winner with this girl. 

love the beautiful colours of the leaves and the crispness when you walk on them. 

I must admit the rest of these pins are more fantasy than an accurate representation of my Autumn as I have no cat, no fireplace and I've never cooked a pie in my life! 

However, I love the jewel colours and the knowledge that the most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner! 

Last year I felt like October dragged by but this year it's whizzed by faster than a firework!  So I want to take it all in this week and watch some creepy movies, carve pumpkins and basically appreciate this season before November kicks in. 

All of the original links for these pictures can be found on my Autumn Days Pinterest Board come give me a follow, I am getting so addicted and I must say I am quite proud of my boards!

What's your favourite season? Any fellow readers mourning summer too? Do you have any Halloween traditions? Any movies to recommend?

Lots of love,

Sophia x

Small, happy and Saturday six!

Hello everyone! How are we? 

I always like posts like these so I thought I'd do one myself now that I actually have some time for me (hello half term!)

Six favourite fruits:

Six movies I love:
Moulin Rouge! 
Pride and Prejudice
When Harry met Sally
About Time
Bring It On
How to lose a guy in ten days

Six TV shows I adore:
Grey's Anatomy
Modern Family
Gilmore Girls

Six girl crushes:
Mila Kunis
Vanessa Hudgens
Emma Stone
Jennifer Lawrence
Lauren Conrad
Kate Middleton

Six things I'm grateful for:
My boyfriend
My family
My different circles of friends
Where I live
My Portuguese heritage
My positivity 

Six things I love doing:
Going to the cinema

Favourite Disney movies:
The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King

Places I love:
New York City
Hong Kong

Do you ever do these kinds of posts? Link me if you have I love reading them! 

Happy Saturday one and all :)


Small, happy and girl crushing! #7

It's been a while since I did one of these so here we are: the beautiful, gorgeous Kendall Jenner.

Say what you want about the Kardashians, no one can deny that this picture is STUNNING.

Peace out everyone, I break up for half term tomorrow which basically means I have a life once more! 

Expect more posts soooon :) 

Sophia x

Small, happy and doing the unthinkable!

So...I've admitted defeat.

I've done something I never do.

And I mean ever.

I've taken a day off work poorly. Two days technically. 

People do this all the time and I know that, I have a legitimate reason, and yet...I feel guilty. I feel like Monica in Friends when she doesn't want to admit that she's sick because she thinks it's 'weak, it's for pansies!' 

But that is not the case. I need to stop pretending to be so strong all the time. Pretending everything is fine when it's not is not being strong, asking for help, accepting support, being open about your feelings: that is what strength is.

So this girl can, yes I can do all sorts of tough girl things. But I can also be strong enough to admit when I need a duvet day.

Today is that day.

What do you do when you're poorly? Do you ever feel guilty when you have to have a day off?

Sophia x

Small and Happy's silent Sunday.

Small, happy and currently!

So let's catch up! I love reading these 'currently' posts and I realised I haven't done one of my own in a while, so here we are :) 

Reading: Anna and the French kiss (again!) I just needed some cutesy fluff, we all do sometimes!

Watching: Bake Off like the rest of our great nation obvs and The Office from our friends across the pond! It's so so funny, Steve Carell is a genius.

Wanting: time to slow down but equally to speed up (because hello Christmas!)

Feeling: at peace and calm the majority of the time. It's great. I definitely need to thank my yoga obsession for at least part of this feeling.

Enjoying: new episodes of Nashville, Scandal and Grey's Anatomy. Olivia Pope is back bitches!

Coveting: lots of books (as per usual).

Deciding: to get my Christmas shopping done very soon! Yes, I'm going to be that person. I'm going to try ha!

Needing: a bit of Disney to help me through those long markings sessions!

Visiting: Knutsford, Tatton Park, lots of lovely places in Cheshire.

Cooking: up an Autumnal storm! Whole roasted cauliflower, leek and butterbean casserole, it goes on!

What have you been up to lately? Read any good books? 

Happy Sunday :) 

Sophia x

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