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Small, happy and rounding up #magnificentmay!

God, I've always loved May. Not only is it my birthday and anniversary month but as a teacher I get a lovely half term break and all of us lucky UK sods get bank holidays too! So all in all I think we can agree that May is where it's at. Looking back now I did so many fantastic things, I honestly didn't even realise! Here are just a few snapshots of what made my month:

Me and my number one man on my birthday. This is now the 7th birthday of mine we've celebrated together which is just mind blowing. I feel luckier every year. #passthebucket

We celebrated 24 in style with a Hello Kitty themed party. My grandma had heard me once say HK is cute and decided that that warranted a whole birthday party but hey, I ain't complaining!

A lovely, healthy birthday buffet with all my favourite goodies. So many crudités. Got to have the crudités..

A lovely post buffet walk up in the Peak District with my sister and ultimate bestie.

I ended the month on sunnier climes as I went to Spain for a hen do!

More on this later...

Other highlights of May included:

Going to see Pitch Perfect 2 with two of my best uni girls!

Getting a spiralizer and having all sorts of spiral fun!

Seeing Jesus Christ Superstar, one of my favourite musicals for my birthday!

I actually can't believe how much I've done this month, it really makes you think how much we can squeeze into four short weeks doesn't it!

Here's to making June just as fun!

What's your favourite month? What did you get up to in May? Let me know please! I'm loving seeing my followers go up it's making me so happy (so hello to you lovely newbies!) so please come and say hi!

Sophia xxx

Small and 10 happy things! #13

Why hello there! 

I know I haven't done one of these lovely little lists in a while but it's not for lack for good things, honest! In fact it's almost the opposite, what with my birthday and Rome before that I just haven't gotten back into my usual routine of writing the great things down! 

I've found that I really missed that reflection time where I look at all the big and little things that make each week unique and special. This is such an important skill I think, to be able to come away from a week thinking. 'Thank GOD that's over', but then being able to step back and realise actually there's always little moments that made it worthwhile. After all, we are alive and there's always good in every day.

Right, philosophical ramble over, here are the 10 things that made me happy this past week! 

1. Bank holiday Monday off! It was my birthday too so that was a double whammy of excitement! It was so nice to be waking up on Monday with my family (and presents obvs!) and knowing I had nowhere to rush off to.

2. Delicious froyo on Monday. What is a birthday without my favourite frozen treat?! Nothing, is the answer. When boyfriend and I got back to Altrincham we wandered over to Yogberries in Hale for an extra large of our favourite yoghurt! Beats cake any day.

3. Getting my spiralizer!! This has just been a dream come true. I did a spiralized carrot pasta and it was immense! I can't wait to do more and more.

4. A lovely Friday night in. Nothing wild, just me, boyfriend, some delicious cooking and the fantastic Gogglebox.

5. My friend Charlotte's pre hen do on Saturday. Apparently this is a thing now but I went to her house in Wakefield for a get together BBQ so that we could all get to know each other before the hen do in Malaga in a couple of weeks!

6. An impromptu trip home to Sheffield. I took advantage of needing to be in good old Yorkshire on Saturday and made a pit stop at home. It was great to see my Mum and sister and to have some big cuddles and catch ups. Always a lovely boost before a week of work.

7. Trying out my new squash racket! One of my presents from my boyfriend was a squash racket. We play so often but I have kept renting one which is not cost effective so I finally got my own. I wanted a bright pink glittery one but apparently they do not exist?! So my perfectly aesthetically adequate green one has been an absolute winner so far! 

8. Seeing beautiful blossom on the way to work. I was so giddy when I saw this I just had to stop and take pictures! All I can say is thank god none of my pupils saw me, they wouldn't have let me forget that in a hurry! 

9. Watching some really fun travel videos on Youtube. Expedia does these really good 5/10 minute travel guides on all different cities in the world. They're really informative and totally wanderlustworthy. I'll warn you though, you might end up adding places to the just highlight you'd never in a million years want to go! St Petersburg?! Now officially on the list.

10. Getting belated birthday presents. I got my boyfriend's sister's present just this weekend as she lives down south and it always makes me happy to spread out the birthday excitement! She got me the Deliciously Ella book as well which is pretty much on everyone's shelves on wishlist at the moment so I can't wait to get cracking with some of those gorgeous recipes!

Those are things that have made me smile in May. To be fair, I just love this month for so many reasons so you'll be hard pressed to see me unhappy but still, it's nice to sit back and take stock of the big and small things that make our lives what they are.

What's made you a happy chappy this past week?

Lots of love and other smiley things,


Small and Happy's Disney Friday!

Happy Disney Friday! First things first, is this not the most appropriate birthday card for a 24 year old you've ever seen?

I thought as much.

This (amazing) card might be a clue but this bank holiday Monday it was my birthday! I celebrated with family back home in Sheffield and it was absolutely lovely. There was also a Hello Kitty themed buffet. I kid you not.

Told you! 

See the napkins?!

We also all went for a lovely walk up the moors which was blustery but very scenic!

Anyway, what are you all up to this weekend? I have a pre hen do (apparently this is a thing now?!) which I'm really looking forward to but apart from that I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

Let's cross our fingers for some sunshine, yes?

Have a lovely one,

Sophia xxxxx

Small and 10 happy things! #6

Well, I feel like this will be one of the quickest and easiest happy things feature I'll write this year. There's one reason for that and one reason only. The two glorious words to anyone working in education: half term.

As much as I usually like time off to be full of relaxing and watching tv I have been super busy and have been the world's biggest social butterfly this week! All this talking and catching up is probably why I am now again suffering from a sore throat this cosy Saturday. #cantshutmeup

So here we go, my ten happy things this week! 

1// Being at home at the start of this week in Sheffield with my Mum and sister. My sister is going through a bit of a rough time this week so while it's not easy for me it made her feel better having me there and it was lovely to enjoy a few home comforts :) 

2// Catching up with my teacher friends. On Monday I drove (well was driven!) over to Wakefield to catch up with some of my besties from my PGCE (teacher training) last year. We all took food and we we met at my friend's new house. As in brand new and her own! Mortgages people, this life is getting scary! Anyway, I got there and my friend's beautiful house and stunning kitchen was smelling of lovely roasted veg and sweet potato wedges. Everyone brought a lovely selection of fresh and healthy food and filled ourselves with squash and shared the highs and lows of our working lives! It's so nice to share with people who understand you but also who you have so much else in common with. It's almost as if teaching is how we met but our common interests and silly senses of humour have brought us so close together in a way I never expected when I started the course two years again. Funny what (and who!) life can bring you isn't it?

3// Having a beautiful and relaxing massage, mid week! I've already spoken about this on here but I firmly believe that I need to incorporate weekly massages into my life! Perhaps if I had Hermione's time turner I could just make it happen!

4// Going to see The Lion King at the Palace theatre in Manchester. Again, I've rounded this up already but this was certainly a highlight of the month let alone the week! I love the theatre and I hope to go much more often in the coming months and explore Manchester's thriving theatre scene.

5// Having a lovely catch up with my uni friends. On Thursday evening I was visited by three of my best friends from my time at the University of Liverpool. We went to Hale (read-posh part of Cheshire) and broke the bank dining at the Michelin starred, impossible get into, restaurant du jour. Lol jk, we went to Pizza Express but it was the fanciest Pizza Express I've ever been to and the service was absolutely outstanding!

6// One of those best uni friends staying with me. Leanne, one of the lovely ladies I used to live with at uni, stayed with me for a couple of nights this week. It was so nice to see that even though years have passed we findeach other's company still just as fun and easy as ever. That's what great, true friends are isn't it? Where you can just be completely, 100% yourself and you don't need to think about what you're saying. You just get each other.

7// Having a very rare splurge at the Trafford centre! On Friday I took Leanne on her very first trip to a Victoria's Secret store (come on Northern Ireland, catch up!) We were helped by a lovely sales assistant who helped us (such an enabler!) spend faaaar too much money in store. I came away with two lovely bras and a seriously long wishlist. All I can say is thank God the Trafford centre is a 50 minute bus ride away! 

8// A lovely Saturday where I could just catch up on tv and chill out. Those days are rare so I need to grab it with both hands! 

9// Great British Bake Off. I loved this week's again, it's becoming a lovely mid week pick me up. Who doesn't want a bit of Mary and Paul injected into their Wednesday? Fabulously English stuff and my girl crush on Abbey Clancy has definitely grown from this week's offering!

10// A mega sleep last night. It's been such a crazy, busy half term and I feel like it's all taken it out of me a little bit so on Saturday night we hit the hay at literally half 9 and I didn't wake up until 8. If you know me well you'll know that 6.45 is a low in so this was no mean feat! I am a still a very sleepy sausage but I am thinking of a Harry Potter film and maybe a nap?! This girl's sleeping patterns are getting a little bit cray right now. Maybe the teenage years are finally kicking in! 

So that's been my week, and what a hectic, jam packed one indeed! How was yours? What did you get up to? Let me know! Last week of #fabulousfebruary next week, actually can't believe that!

Chat soon lovelies!

Sophia x

Small, happy and a Wednesday massage!

Yes, that's right. A massage.

At 10am.

On a Wednesday.

This is the stuff dreams are made of, am I right?! 

Anyway, I had a spa voucher from almost 2 years ago that needed to be used up pronto. I hadn't done it sooner because, you know, life, but I finally, finally (when the alternative was losing my mum's 50 quid that she paid for it) booked an appointment at the beautiful Spa 1877 in Sheffield.

You're probably unfamiliar with it if you're not a Sheffielder/lucky enough to be living there (feeling some home love after visiting Sheff week!) However, saying that, you might easily miss it even if you're from Sheffield! It's in the town centre on Victoria Street which is basically a little side street off West Street. All tucked away which kind of adds to the relaxation of the place I feel. It's easy to be relaxed when you're already out in some stately home in the country, it's another thing when you're in the city so the spa's slightly obscure location helps greatly!

I had booked in for an hour long Swedish massage and I was looked after by some wonderful staff at the desk. I wonder if in the interviews for spas managers check applicants' 'relaxation voice' because I swear every spa I go to the employees just have the most calming tone I feel instantly relaxed. So much so I'd forgotten that I'd already paid at the start and tried to again at then end!

The place itself is small but gorgeous. It's quite dark and atmospheric with a Moroccan/Turkish kind of look going on with lots of lovely cushions and lanterns everywhere. There was also a lovely relaxation area and three different types of infused water to enjoy here as well as a hot drinks and juices menu too.

Onto the treatment itself, the massage was blissful. I have large knots on my back and my masseuse was knot shy (haha get it?!) about really working them and trying to smooth them out. This is something I usually find is lacking slightly in massages so her pressure and strength was a lovely, welcome surprise! 

She was even understanding when I had to nip out mid treatment to use the loo! I had enjoyed the infused waters a little too much perhaps....

After the beautiful treatment I sadly had to get back to real life very quickly so I couldn't enjoy the relaxation room which you are entitled to use as a paying client so I nipped back up to changing room and got dressed again.

I must say there is something quite liberating about being able to go about your business in a robe and flip flops so I was sad to put on my normal attire!

I went back onto the streets of Sheffield and was hit with the sound of lorries and the smell of a Chinese restaurant (life!) however I was much much calmer, relaxed and I felt completely and utterly pampered!

There are seriously worse ways to spend an hour on a Wednesday! I have already suggested a spa day there for one of my best friend's birthdays in March, I just can't stay away from that infused water!!

Do you love massages and going to spas? Do you have a favourite spa/treatment? Let me know while I start chopping the cucumber for my DIY water infusions...

Check the spa out here if you're interested!
Sophia xxx

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