Small, happy and a Wednesday massage!

Yes, that's right. A massage.

At 10am.

On a Wednesday.

This is the stuff dreams are made of, am I right?! 

Anyway, I had a spa voucher from almost 2 years ago that needed to be used up pronto. I hadn't done it sooner because, you know, life, but I finally, finally (when the alternative was losing my mum's 50 quid that she paid for it) booked an appointment at the beautiful Spa 1877 in Sheffield.

You're probably unfamiliar with it if you're not a Sheffielder/lucky enough to be living there (feeling some home love after visiting Sheff week!) However, saying that, you might easily miss it even if you're from Sheffield! It's in the town centre on Victoria Street which is basically a little side street off West Street. All tucked away which kind of adds to the relaxation of the place I feel. It's easy to be relaxed when you're already out in some stately home in the country, it's another thing when you're in the city so the spa's slightly obscure location helps greatly!

I had booked in for an hour long Swedish massage and I was looked after by some wonderful staff at the desk. I wonder if in the interviews for spas managers check applicants' 'relaxation voice' because I swear every spa I go to the employees just have the most calming tone I feel instantly relaxed. So much so I'd forgotten that I'd already paid at the start and tried to again at then end!

The place itself is small but gorgeous. It's quite dark and atmospheric with a Moroccan/Turkish kind of look going on with lots of lovely cushions and lanterns everywhere. There was also a lovely relaxation area and three different types of infused water to enjoy here as well as a hot drinks and juices menu too.

Onto the treatment itself, the massage was blissful. I have large knots on my back and my masseuse was knot shy (haha get it?!) about really working them and trying to smooth them out. This is something I usually find is lacking slightly in massages so her pressure and strength was a lovely, welcome surprise! 

She was even understanding when I had to nip out mid treatment to use the loo! I had enjoyed the infused waters a little too much perhaps....

After the beautiful treatment I sadly had to get back to real life very quickly so I couldn't enjoy the relaxation room which you are entitled to use as a paying client so I nipped back up to changing room and got dressed again.

I must say there is something quite liberating about being able to go about your business in a robe and flip flops so I was sad to put on my normal attire!

I went back onto the streets of Sheffield and was hit with the sound of lorries and the smell of a Chinese restaurant (life!) however I was much much calmer, relaxed and I felt completely and utterly pampered!

There are seriously worse ways to spend an hour on a Wednesday! I have already suggested a spa day there for one of my best friend's birthdays in March, I just can't stay away from that infused water!!

Do you love massages and going to spas? Do you have a favourite spa/treatment? Let me know while I start chopping the cucumber for my DIY water infusions...

Check the spa out here if you're interested!
Sophia xxx


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