Small, happy and a winter walk!

So this weekend my sister and I decided to make our Dad happy (season of giving and all that) and go on a little winter's drive in the beautiful Peak District!

As you can tell, I've always been shy and retiring..

Sister selfie!

This was slightly, blurry but all the others had my sister with a frothy lip! Master photographer right here...

Would you look at this view?! I honestly feel like I'm in Frozen! Although my Olaf was at home in bed in plush form, not bouncing around making jokes! This was the view as far as the eye could see when we took a quick, impromptu drive up to Derbyshire this past Sunday. 

It's so nice to be home and to appreciate the beauty around us. It makes you feel in awe really to know that this beauty is completely natural #gettingdeephere

I love being in Altrincham but Sheffield offers this beauty that is so accessible. It's wonderful and it just made my mind so clear and calm to see this peaceful view. It was nice to just stand there, take it and have some time to reflect. 

This is such a weird time of year, between new year and Christmas where the days all run into each other but I must admit I love it! How are you spending them? Any fun NYE plans?!

I'm planning a Mexican fiesta at home with my sister and our boyfriends! Haha very traditional! 

Sophia x


  1. ooh a Mexican fiesta sounds like fun haha and that view is gorgeous!! are you sure you aren't in Arendelle? :P Hope you have a wonderful 2015!!


  2. I know right?! I genuinely tried to confine myself I was there haha! Makes me want to take a trip to Scandinavia! Same to you lovely :) x


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