Small, happy and the things that make Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve!! 

Are we getting excited yet?! I know I am! I've been desperately trying to shift a cold alongside going to the dentist so it's not been the most jolly and festive of run ups but I am a determined Christmas celebrator (is this a word?!)  so I thought to help send my Christmas excitement into overdrive I would list some of the things that really make me feel jolly and goodwill to all men-y...

1/ Seeing the tree and all the beautiful decorations. Everywhere just looks nicer at this time of year and it makes me feel all magical and sparkly and excited inside. Even the most mundane places look a bit snazzier and it always makes me think about the people who took the time to make their office, supermarket, post office or wherever look a little bit shinier and bright and I think it's so nice that collectively we all enjoy doing that. 

2/ Planning and buying (and wrapping!). While this is arguably the most stressful part( have I remembered everyone? Aaah my budget has disappeared quicker than a mince pie out in front my grandma!) once all the presents are bought I usually sit back and think, no matter whether they love these presents or not the most important thing is that we will all be together and enjoying each other's company and that always calms me. I suppose it's the perfectionist and ultimate nurturer in me that wants everyone to be as happy as can be and to enjoy what they've received and avoid the awkwardness of having to pretend they like gifts but I need to remember that that is not all of my responsibility!

3/ The music! Buble! Obviously one cannot live on Michael alone (though many would try) so I have really enjoyed cultivating a more varied Christmas playlist this year meaning I can still enjoy all the classics but perhaps I can intersperse them with some different cover versions and artists so I can maximise festive listening without getting bored!! It really just gives a bit more of a Christmassy atmosphere listening to songs waxing lyrical about snow and love and chestnuts roasting and all that jazz, don't cha think?

4/ The food! All of the cooking shows offered up by our various chefs get my beyond excited! Even though I am nowhere near taking on Christmas dinner duties I have officially been given Brussel sprouts responsibility so perhaps this shows that I am truly on the first rung of the festive cooking ladder... It is always so exciting going to my grandma's because while she is too old (read lazy) to do everything from scratch (her words not mine by the way!) she can set a table so well it's as if the one and only Martha Stewart has possessed her and the confetti fairy has come along to visit too. If this wasn't very clear, basically she makes a rocking table. This holds true for Easter and any important family occasion.

5/ The general family experience! That old chestnut eh? No one's day goes perfectly, despite what their tweets, instagrams or Facebook updates wish you to believe. Putting different generations together along with a combination of alcohol and high expectations always leads to a few awkward riffs or two, or even a blowout if you're really unlucky/inebriated. However, in my experience there's nothing a good sleep whilst watching some festive tv can't heal. My advice if you have a family like mine is, keep the men away from the kitchen and your mother away from the wine!
(Sorry, mum!) Whatever happens on this day, try and appreciate being together, it is so rare for most families and especially if you have older relatives, be extra loving and caring. We never know how long we have with the people who are closest to us so never end a day full of anger or hate towards someone (even if they did cheat in that last round of cluedo..)

Anyway, I am now feeling fantastically festive (and alliterative apparently) after thinking about the things that really make Christmas and I can't wait to chill out today on the sofa before celebrating the big day tomorrow!

What makes Christmas for you? How do you celebrate? Any cute, quirky traditions in your family? If love to know!

Merry Christmas to all, may your days be merry and bright!



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