Small, happy and graduating...AGAIN!

So throwback to 2012 and here I am tossing my lovely mortar board up in the air upon graduating with a first class honours degree in Psychology from the University of Liverpool. I will interject to add that this photo was a fifth attempt so it means a lot in several ways! Here it was July and I'd just gotten back from Thailand so I was sporting a very nice tan if I do say so myself and feeling immensely proud.

Flash forward to today where I did the whole thing again. Less tanned mind you, a bit chillier, but still very proud, happy and inspired. Today, I graduated again, officially, this time as a primary school teacher. All those early morning get ups dragging myself to placements, the endless observations, lesson plans, targets, naughty children (really selling it right?!) all came down to this moment. To
this day where I can officially teach and do what I really do love, despite those earlier grumbles.

Today is the official start of my professional journey.  Yes, I've been working and teaching and have a class but today's ceremony really kind of kicked it off! I've had my photo (where the man even rearranged my rings?!) and I've made it up the stairs and across the stage to get my certificate without falling and all I can feel is so proud of myself for sticking with it.

Not just the PGCE but the everyday grind of how difficult this job can be. I have had my mind widely opened to the incredibly diverse situations our children are living in. Some children have it all, both materially and emotionally, some children are deprived, in every sense of the word. Deprived of love, support and even sometimes, basic care.

I am aware that I'm not a social worker and their home life is not my responsibility. However, what today means for me is that I have the power to affect change in these children's day to day lives. It is difficult and sometimes I get nowhere. But sometimes I get somewhere and if those children can feel safe and cared for and passionate about learning because of my presence, that is surely a reason to celebrate, no?

At this point I would like to add the the University (Leeds, by the way) clearly didn't think so as they only put on tea, coffee and TAP WATER for our reception! I mean I'm not asking for Moët et Chandon (I wouldn't ask them to take it back either but hey ho) but some prosecco, cava or hell, even a throwback wkd wouldn't have gone amiss in this celebratory occasion!

But perhaps I am just tapping into what is truly wrong with British society that we need alcohol to celebrate. In all fairness they did have sausage roll shaped things that were actually stuffed with cranberries, so perhaps that was meant to be jolly enough...

My grandma certainly didn't think so when she loudly declared, 'where's my sausage?! I wanted some meat!' So perhaps she thought today was a pretty big deal too...

Anyone else graduating in Decmeber?!

If you are congrats and wrap up haha!



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