Small and happy (and thankful!)

Hello and happy weekend all!

Please bear with me... I may or may not have completely broken my laptop and because I'm no rich kid I have no other iPads, tablets or other means of updating I'm writing this on my phone!

As we Brits are more than aware because of Black Friday creeping into our favourite shops it was Thanksgiving this week. And while I am no Yank, I do love their tradition of being with family and thinking about being grateful for what we have. As inhabitants of countries where all our basic needs are met and we are becoming more and accepting and equal (for the most part) we have a lot to say thanks for.

Here are some things I am thankful for all year round:

1// My wonderful boyfriend, my rock, I don't know how I could get along without him. I mean I would because I'm a touch chica who don't need a man but still, it's lovely to have one as great as him.

2// My health. I feel like this is something we take for granted too much but this year has made me really really grateful to not have any health concerns or issues affecting my family or myself (touch wood).

3// My job. While I don't have a permanent role yet, I do need to be grateful that I can do what I love and get paid well (enough) for it.

4// My family and friends, I have some great circles of friends and I am so grateful for that. It's nice when you have fellow weirdos or people who get over excited about the  things as you!  In terms of my family, my parents have been through a bit of a time the last few years and I think by them not being together everyone is now closer than ever, and I never thought we'd reach this point.

5// My passions in life. This is a weird one but I was thinking about how lucky I am to be in a day and age where I can read anything I want, learn anything I want through the internet and can indulge anything I want to discover or experience through the many brilliant opportunities this world presents us. For a bookworm who loves travelling and cooking and learning about how other people live their lives the world of social media and the internet (as well as wonderful libraries) service those needs beautifully! I guess it's the teacher in me that is thankful that I always have an opportunity to learn and to grow and to develop.

I'm thankful that I'm still finding new things to be thankful for all the time.

How about you? Did you bag any Black Friday bargains?! Have you been thinking about what you're thankful for too?

Sophia x

Small and Happy's slightly belated Disney Friday! #3



Firstly, I am sorry this is late, it's been a crazy week and I'm onto a busy weekend (Manchester Christmas markets, HUNGER GAMES AAAH) so I thought I needed to crack this post out before Friday is just a distant memory...

So for today's Disney Friday I'm sharing the trailer (enjoy it here) for the Big Mouse's new live action version of the classic Cinderella.  The new film set for release in 2015 stars Richard Madden aka the King of the North aka the beautiful Robb Stark, Cate Blanchett and Downton Abbey's Lily James as the titular role. I hope no one laughed at the first part of that word....we are all adults here, I hope!

So I want to know, what do you think? I must admit, I do love it and am excited for it for all the same reasons I loved the story as a child: the magic, the fairy godmother, the handsome prince, THE DRESS, so in terms of achieving all of that it looks like it's onto a winner.

But what do you think of live action versions of the animated classics? Are you for or against them? I personally would love to see a live action Aladdin although I do think The Lion King might be slightly harder to pull off (very funny, I know...)

So let me know, are you excited by this at all? Or are you dying for something more original?


Small and Happy Christmas! (cards) The Paperchase edition.

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with buying cards. Birthday cards, Christmas, Valentine's,  get well soon, thinking of you, everything. If there's any kind of teeny occasion that could warrant a card, I'll buy one. So when Christmas comes around and I have a bunch of people to get cards for, for me it is, for want of a better phrase, like Christmas come early! With no doubts in my mind, Paperchase is my first port of call, they always have so many gems and the festive season is no different.

I love the Gemma Correll card, she's always so funny and her cards are so brilliant. Cute and quirky for people who don't love the more mushy, cheesy cards. Any fans of Elf will love the 'Santa, I know him' card so that works for pretty much everyone! I particularly love the 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas' card. It's simple and elegant and it reminds me of one of my favourite Christmas tunes. This card would be perfect for any friends who have those kind of all white, pinterest kind of beautiful rooms where you feel bad introducing any kind of garish colour! Anyone else have any of those kind of friends?

This advent calendar house card is so beautiful, it has little advent windows as well so this is definitely the card that keeps on giving. I might even buy this for myself, I don't have an advent calendar yet after all! Couldn't get over this troll card either, remember thirds little guys?! So cute! God, why is it not socially  acceptable for people send themselves cards yet?! I want them all.

Dad is much more into cheesy cards then my mum (go figure!) and I reckon he'd like this card, anything with a cartoon on and he's sold, yep he's never grown up. My favourite people to buy Christmas cards for are my sister and boyfriend as I have the most private jokes with them so I can always try and get something really quirky and the kind of card and everyone else looks at like 'eh?' But you just give each other a knowing look and smile!

Where do you buy your cards from? How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? If anyone knows any cute card online stores please tell me, I have a slight card addiction as you're probably well aware by now...


Small and Happy's Disney Friday! #2

 Pictures taken from ones pinned on my Pinterest board.

Another week has flown by! I cannot believe it's already time for this post again but hi ho there we go (bit of Snow White there!)

Anyway, I thought with this series I'd try and encourage a bit of discussion as well, Disney themed obvs. Sorry I can't help it! I need Disney fanatics to step up here.

So anyway, my first question in this topic:

What nationalities would you like to see represented in newer Disney films?

For example, we have had China, Scandinavia and Scotland covered albeit briefly in Mulan, Frozen and Brave respectively but what other countries or ethnicities would you like to see explored? Diversity is a big thing for many who love Disney and I know a lot of people have opinions. I for one would like a film that looked more into the Indian culture, perhaps taking a well know Indian story and bringing it to a wider audience. The Indian culture is so diverse in itself and full with colour, stories and music and I think it would make for a cracking film! I know some people are not always happy with how the ethnic minorities have been represented but at the the end of day as much we adults love them, we need to remember that these movies are being made for children. In my mind even bringing any awareness to different cultures to children can't be a bad thing, right?

Anyway that's my two cents but what do you think? Where do you think Disney should venture next, or should they at all if they don't know them well enough? Do you feel like they represent different cultures well? Which movie featuring an ethnic princess have your preferred so far?

Aside from that, what are you guys up to this weekend?  I for one will be lounging in front of the tv tonight, laughing (and crying, no doubt) at Children in Need and Gogglebox!  Have a good one whatever you are doing, please tell me your plans!

Basically I have a lot of questions haha! So pipe up and let me know :)


Small, happy and the Christmas tag!

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?
I love anything festive themed, but my two favourites are The Holiday and Love, Actually.  These movies combine Jude Law, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant for one and are also romantic, funny and feel like a warm hug every time I watch them.  Jude Law's Mr Napkin Head cracks me up to no end.  If you don't know what I'm talking about then you seriously need to watch this film!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning!  Although to be fair we spread it throughout the whole day because I open mine with my mum and sister and then we head over to Dad and my grandma's to do theirs and then I see boyfriend late afternoon and we open each other's.  It's a wonderful way to spread the joy of Christmas throughout the day!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
That's a hard one, I always have fond Christmas memories, but last year spending Christmas morning watching Disney movies with my sister stands out as one of those moments where I just stopped and thought, "yep, this is perfect."

4. Favourite festive food?
Roast parsnips, absolute fave.

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
Again, nothing specific, I do enjoy getting money and vouchers (boring, I know) because I love going on shopping sprees as I never treat myself!

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
Cinnamon, heaven on Earth, although to be fair I'll have cinnamon candles going all year round!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Usually I'll cuddle up in bed with my sis and we'll watch something Christmassy, last year it was all the Vicar of Dibley Christmas specials.  The one where she goes to all the dinners is a classic!

8. What tops your tree?
An angel at home, but in mine and the boyfriend's new place I'm hoping to get a nice, huge, in your face star.  No, I'm not kidding, I love all things twinkly!

9. As a kid, what was one (crazy, wild, extravagent) gift you always asked for but never received?
A pet!  I wanted to get a little spaniel in a box like in Lady and the tramp!  To be fair I'm glad I didn't get it, but I always, always asked for some kind of animal!  Now, it's a kitten...

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you? 
Being with family and just having some down time.  Also being able to share moments like seeing someone open a present and love it or just enjoying the festive tv without the guilt of having anything else to do that day.  Mostly, it's just the feel that everything and everyone has over Christmas, a little sparkle!

Anyone else done the Christmas tag?  I'd love to read your answers!  Also I must say thank you to the lovely Victoria over at Lily Loves Lola and Milk Bubble Tea as I borrowed this from them!


Small, happy and currently... #2

Happy Monday everyone! Another week closer to Christmas! (Sorry I'm not sorry..) here's what I've been loving, doing, lots of other verb-ing recently!

Eating: Muller light greek yoghurts, in all flavours (apart from toffee, too far for me).  They are all soooo delicious. I like to eat them and imagine I look like Nicole Scherzinger whilstdoing it. Although sadly I feel like I'm not quite mullerlicious yet seeing as I'm usually eating them slouched on the sofa with my dressing gown on.  Like right now...mmm raspberry...

Reading: North and South (still!) but also the new Christmas Cosmo with the one and only T Swift on the cover!

Watching: Homeland. Thinking: WTF Carrie?!

Wanting: to start getting seriously festive. The Buble album is itching to come out!

Hoping: for some permanent jobs teaching in my area to come up, fingers crossed.

Deciding: to be as positive as possible, count my blessing not my burdens etc.

Doing: a TON of exercise, between Zumba, step class and this weekend's hour and a half walk I'm feeling pretty fit!

Buying: people's Christmas presents, it's happening, I am getting organised.

Looking forward to: going back home to Sheffield in a few weeks to see the Northern ballet's version of Cinderella at the Lyceum. It's set in Imperial Russia people, think of the costumes!

What are you all up to at the minute? Anything exciting (other then Christmas obvs!) on the horizon?

Hope you've all had a nice, happy Monday, the week only gets better from here!

Small, happy and smelling fruity and nutty.

1. Mango Festive Picks £17 2. Nutty Sweethearts £12 3. Cocoa butter lip care stick £4 4. Glazed Apple body butter £13 5. Satsuma shower gel £4

I know the blogging world is obsessed with Lush. Every blog I read is reviewing their Christmas range and yet, I have always loved The Body Shop, me and their body butters go waaay back. So because I feel like I'm the only fan in this blogosphere I felt like I should give it some digital love with a selection of a few of the things I'm lusting after this festive season.

1. The mango festive picks - I love the smell of this, so fresh and fruity and not sickly so having a full set of all the best mango goodies would make a perfect gift. This is a great scent if you're not too sure if they're into sweet scents, it's nice but not overpowering.

2. Cute packaging and some really nice smells,  coconut is my favourite out of these nutty, more neutral scents.  Plus, three body butters for £12?!  Amazing.

3. Great as a stocking filler or a gift from you to you, this cocoa butter lip care stick stick makes your lips taste so nice and chocolatey and it smells great! Totally addicted to this stuff.

4. I can't say too much about this as I haven't actually tried  their new glazed apple range but I am absolutely desperate to and I am confident that it will smell delicious and festive. There are cranberry and vanilla ranges which are limited edition too so if you like any of these Christmas smells get your (ice) skates on and get to the shop!

5. Another great stocking filler or secret Santa I love the satsuma range as well and this is another nice present if you're not sure what their specific tastes are. Body shop's shower gels are great, if you've not tried them I would really recommend them, they last for ages! 

Anyone else love The Body Shop or are you all Lush ladies through and through? Have you tried the glazed apple or other festive ranges?


Small, happy and having an OAP weekend! #Halloweenrecovery

Yay, Halloween! Can you believe it was already more than a week ago? I feel so behind the times posting about it now but I hope you had a good All Hallows' Eve anyway, and that the hangovers are but a distant, painful memory. I for one spent last Saturday lying on the sofa feeling like the undead, so quite apt I guess given the spooky occasion the night before. Unfortunately, I could not head for an early snooze as I had to stay up to go to my ultimate bff's birthday meal which was not until 9.45! PM! Who do you we think we are eating at this time? Do we think we're on the continent?! Anyway, I say BFF because by the way I was feeling there was absolutely no way I would have left the house for anyone less important. For real.

For us Halloween night turned into to a huge catch up, drinking games, far too much vodka jelly, singing sessions (I do believe the entire Frozen soundtrack was performed as a one woman show by yours truly) and I must admit it felt so good when the birthday girl said 'shall we just stay here?' To be fair it was easily half 12 at this point and we probably wouldn't have gotten any kind of taxi to the city centre, but still. So we stayed up chatting, real adult chats like our future children's names, marriage, hen dos etc etc. We are all aware that we are not yet engaged but seeing as we are all in very long term relationships it seems fine to discuss these tres important matters to our girly hearts' content. I don't know if our boyfriends (who were all there mind you) felt the same but hey ho!

I have decided that I do like playing the host. I think it suits my personality well, I feel awkward not wanting to overstep my place in other people's spaces as I can be a bit of a Take-Over Tilly plus I like I am very maternal and love doing things for other people so all in all it suits me very well.

However, I must admit, it also feels nice when you get your space back, the make up can come off, the pjs can be very much on (lucky boyfriend, I know) and you can truly just be in your space. Bliss.

That's exactly what this weekend is going to be, we're planning on doing a lot of cooking, a lot of X factor watching (staple winter telly) and a whole lot of nothing else. I played at being a teenager again last week and I think this weekend I'm more than happy pretending I'm an OAP, snuggling up and going to bed very early.

Anyone else with me? Anyone else love just love slobbing out after a heavy one or are you all party animals every weekend?! Go on, make me feel bad!

Sophia x

Small and happy, Disney Friday! #1

peter and wendy <3


I'm a massive Disney fan. I always have been and I feel like this love is only growing with age.  Throughout school, university, any bad times, Disney has always been something that has boosted me and kept me going. Now, another thing that makes me very pleased is when the weekend rolls around and I really hope you've all had a good one.  Just in case you haven't and seeing as it's Friday (and we all deserve to be happy on a Friday) I'd thought I'd share some cheery, Disney pictures to kick off our weekends, because let's face it, it's impossible to be even the tiniest bit blue when you're faced with Disney magic and smiling kiddes.  Unless you're made of stone of course, in which way, you're probably best leaving right now...(crosses fingers and hopes blog followers don't dramatically plummet).

What do you have planned for this weekend then?  Anymore Disney nuts outs there?

Sophia x

Small, happy my favourite things!

I saw this on the lovely Jennie's blog (I swear she's becoming one of my must reads) and I love making lists and I love talking about my favourite things so I thought, why not?!  Plus, having an excuse to put Julie Andrews in a post is always going to be wonderful.

Oh, by the way, if you don't know why Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music is applicable here then oh my God, please go and watch that movie and then come back here!
Done it?  Yes?  Desperate to be a nun/have seven children?  Good.. so here we go, my favourite things:

1. Products/things: My phone (I know, so bad..), my panda toy (yes, I know I am an adult), my diary, Body shop body butters.

2. Foods: Houmous, frozen yoghurt, most types of cereal, ALL fruit and veg, my Portuguese grandma's cooking.

3. Places: New York, New York and New York.  Joking aside I also love Portugal (obvious reasons) and any Disney shop, land or world!

4. Things you'd miss if you didn't have them: My boyfriend, my friends, my family, good health.  Anything else you can easily live without.

5. Things you do when you're bored: Read recipes, blogs and pinterest.

6. Things you enjoy when it's sunny: LIFE.  I come alive when it is sunny.  I can't explain how much the Sun makes me enjoy everything on another level.

7. Films: Moulin Rouge, most disney, Bring it on, Pride and Prejudice, How to lose a guy in 10 days, Crazy stupid love.

8. Songs: Aerosmith - I don't wanna miss a thing is my all time favourite, favourite song.

9. Brands: Topshop, H&M, Anthropologie.

10. Outdoor things you like: Exploring new places.

11. Events: Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, my anniversary.

12. Cartoons: Sailor moon, Scooby Doo, most things that were on the Cartoon Network in the 90s.

13. Buildings: Empire state building (obvious, yes).

14. Anything in everyday life: People being kind to each other, seeing happy old couples, finishing a great book.

15. Traits in a person: Kindness, patience, acceptance.

16. Influences: My old dance teacher.

17. Drinks: Green tea, cosmopolitans, most vodka cocktails.

18. Experiences: Celebrating with family and friends, travelling.

19. Things to watch: Friends (just, forever), Desperate Housewives, Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, I'll stop listing now...

 20. Books: Harry Potter, love you, HP, forever.

If you've done anything like this on your blog, please link me, I love to read and get an insight into what makes people tick!


Small, happy and making lists #November


I know this is the cliche thing to say but I still cannot believe where October went.  I mean I know September draaaaaaaaaags on and from there the rest of the year flies by but still this October took the biscuit (and did so very quickly I might add).  So anyway, here is November then and because time is just flying on by I feel like I need to organise my life and make a note (who can resist a good old list?!) of all the things I would like to do this pre Christmas month.

1. Go to our local farmers'  market.

I know right, could I sound more like a 'blogger' going to markets and what not.  But our market in Altrincham is just amazing and every weekend they have something different going on.  As much as I love the vintage markets this weekend is the first chance we will have to go to their FARMERS market which means one thing and one thing only: FOOD.  And lots of it.  Can't wait to see what they have on offer!  If you live in the Cheshire/Manchester area I would seriously suggest hitting this place up.  Also if you're near me, leave me a comment!  I'm still relatively new to the area and I'm always on the lookout for more places to discover.

2. Finish my book.

This one kind of has a time limit on it purely because I've already renewed it at the library once plus I really just need to get it done but life (okay fine, tv) just seems to be getting in the way.  It's North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and I am enjoying the story, I am, it's just the writing style that I'm finding a bit convoluted.  But anyway, I will persevere, mostly because a) I want to see what happens and b) I'm not allowing myself to watch the BBC version until I'm done!

3. Do lots of job applications and school visits.

The aim to get something more permanent for January in the teaching world is still very much at the forefront of my mind.  While I know you can't rush these things and I need to find the right place for me, more and more opportunities are coming up so I'm going to grab those by the horns and get going so hopefully I can rely less on supply and get something more structured.  I'm a Taurus so I crave structure!

4. Have a date night to see HUNGER GAMES!

This has been pretty much the highlight of November 2014 for me ever since the release date for Hunger Games: Mockingjay was revealed.  If you're as big a fan as me you'll know that we've known this date for a while so you understand how long my excitement has been building.  Boy and I will be booking tickets very soon and will be preceding the event with a date to Nando's.  We love our fancy food and we've been coking up a storm recently but I have Portuguese blood within me and sometimes we just need a Peri-Peri treat!  We've also stopped ourselves from going for ages to really enjoy it this time haha, sad?  Perhaps.  #itsamediterraneanthing

5. Get my Christmas shopping done.

Yes.  I'm serious.  I say this all the time but I genuinely feel like this could happen for me this year.  My family have all been quite organised this year and I know what they want and I have planned what I can get other people.  Boyfriend and I will probably be spending our money on each other by planning our trips next year so that's easy too, so I really could get this done.  This will make December full of fun and stress free so I can just spend my time watching Love, Actually, The Holiday and roasting chestnuts!!

So I feel like these are all either good goals or great things to look forward to in the month of November.  I feel confident that it will fly by and I'll be decorating for Christmas before I know it so I'm making a conscious decision to make the most of November and whatever little we have left of 2014.  

Anyone else got any November goals?  Anyone already done their Christmas shopping?!  Go on, tell me you have and make me feel bad!


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