Small and 10 happy things! #2


A week done so a week of joyful, happy things to recap on!  Here we go, here's what made me happy last week:

1// Not one, but TWO cinema trips! Total film buff right now...

2// A really quick week at work.  I love my job and I'm not wishing the days away or anything but it's nice when it gets to the weekend nice and quickly when you have nice weekend things to look forward to, such as...

3// My mum and sister coming to visit me on Saturday.  We watched Into the Woods and went for a lovely lunch together.  So nice to have a girls' day and to know that they're not far away.

4// Cooking up a lovely recipe, we made a delicious butter bean stew last night, it was lovely.

5// Having a really lovely chat with my cleaner.  I got to know the lady who cleans my classroom this week.  I was so glad put a name to the face I was seeing everyday, it's just lovely to get chatting and speak to new people.  Now when she comes in there's no awkward silences, just two people chatting away!

6// Reading time on the bus, might have missed my stop but it's been worth it!

7// A great step class, I went straight from work on Thursday and it was such a rush but once I got there I was so so glad I'd made the effort I felt so invigorated afterwards!

8// Some lovely chats with my grandma on the way back from work :)

9// Getting to spend some time on tripadvisor looking up places in Rome, can't wait to go!!

10// The fact that I've got all my work done and Maid in Manhattan is on tv as I write this and I'm sitting with a green tea just relaxing, a pretty nice Sunday evening.

What's made you smile this week? :)

Sophia x


  1. quick weeks at work are always nice :) and woaah two movies in a week? go you! :D what movies did you see?


  2. I saw Theory of everything and Into the woods! You seen either of them? :) xxxxx


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