Small, happy and rounding up #joyfuljanuary!

Can't believe it's already time to write this but here we go, it's time to sum up #joyfuljanuary

This January 2015 was the month I...

Booked a holiday to Rome in Easter!

Enjoyed my juices in mini style.

Tried out a new exercise class and got really into playing squash!

Started my first full time teaching job and took my stationary obsession to another level.

January was also the month I...

Made some highly necessary impulse purchases from Tesco! 

Got this A beautiful mess diary, 2015 is beautiful!

Cooked some delicious new recipes including tomato thyme cod and imam bayildi!

Got cracking at work and received some really good feedback, finishing the month with my class winning best poem at our school poetry performance! 

And other lovely things I did that weren't pictures, I...

Had a lovely visit from my mum and sister.

Explored more of both my town and city- hello northern quarter! #alternative

Had some lovely phone calls with my grandma after work.

Watched my boyfriend trade food at Altrincham market and do his part to help food poverty in Manchester.

Started tutoring.

Read more than my goal of 100 pages of The Luminaries.

Went to the cinema twice in a week!

Organised for one of my best, best old uni friends to come and stay in half term. 

Booked to go and see The Lion King in Manchester next month! 

Wow, so to look at that I've actually done quite a lot! It's been, as my boyfriend very wisely said, a month of planning. January seems to be that time, the month where we make plans and resolutions for what we hope the rest of the year will bring.

While that's true I really wanted to make a concerted effort this year to make January a fun and special month itself and I feel it has been. So I'm calling #joyfuljanuary a success! How had your month been? I want to know! Any top moments?! 

Now we've all had a nice catch up and recap,blet's get going with #fabulousfebruary!

Nope, not tired of the alliteration yet, sorry!

Sophia x


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