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Firstly, I feel like I need to say that S&H is not the name of any type of company it's literally just my way of shortening my blog name! Just thought I'd clear that up in case it was really confusing and you all went on a very random (and fruitless) google hunt!

Anyway, admin over, time to get to the heart of this post. 

I am not creative. I know what you're thinking, everyone is creative in their own way etc, we can all draw and we all have a creative soul inside that just needs love and affection sometimes before it comes out. I know that and that's certainly what I tell my students.

However, I don't find it EASY and for the point of this post, I don't find it therapeutic. I find it very difficult to get ideas in terms of drawing (and anything else such as painting are a complete no go!) and when I do have the urge to create something, I draw a blank (literally), or my lack of skills stop me from being able to express what I'd like. This is very frustrating, as you can imagine.

So why bother? I hear you ask. There are plenty of other ways to unwind, a book, a bath (although I'm not a fan of those either haha, baths that is, more detail why some other time!) so why keep trying to force yourself to do something that doesn't come naturally?

It's because I know how therapeutic art can be. I know the immense benefits and pleasure (not first hand I hasten to add!) that creating something, anything can bring and that's why I was so thrilled when adult colouring suddenly, seemingly just in time for Christmas, became a thing.

I wandered into Waterstones one festivey day last year and saw a whole table covered in books like the one above and my heart filled with joy! I love colouring. This is something arty I CAN do. I think it fits with my Type A personality, colouring in the lines and what not!

 I have coloured in the past and have found myself printing off random colouring sheets from the internet. However, this new surge of colouring among the adult population has led to somefantastically beautiful and inspiring books to be released!

For Christmas I got two of these and some crayons and I was off. Now anytime I feel like my hands (and my head) are too busy I just sit and colour. I haven't done it much as I've been busy but I am definitely going to make an effort to do it more. I feel like this is something I can try and incorporate I to my evening routine because it's one of the few things where you can't be on your phone or on your laptop at the same time and it's just you and what you're creating. It's unique and it's you. That's what I want.

So we shall see how that goes! I know it will bring me lots of happiness and who knows, maybe it will inspire the sketched in me too?

I'm not holding my breath though (just a nice crayon).

What arty endeavours do you have? Do you love to draw, paint or even write poetry? Or are you like me and a little creatively...challenged?! 

Sophia x


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