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Small and Happy's Disney Friday!

Happy Disney Friday! First things first, is this not the most appropriate birthday card for a 24 year old you've ever seen?

I thought as much.

This (amazing) card might be a clue but this bank holiday Monday it was my birthday! I celebrated with family back home in Sheffield and it was absolutely lovely. There was also a Hello Kitty themed buffet. I kid you not.

Told you! 

See the napkins?!

We also all went for a lovely walk up the moors which was blustery but very scenic!

Anyway, what are you all up to this weekend? I have a pre hen do (apparently this is a thing now?!) which I'm really looking forward to but apart from that I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

Let's cross our fingers for some sunshine, yes?

Have a lovely one,

Sophia xxxxx

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

Happy weekend one and all!

Today's picture is from the Disney store in Rome!

I'm off there on Sunday and shall be making this one of my key stops alongside the colosseum and Vatican! I love the Roman theme and I'm very excited to see the merchandise. I wonder if Italy has been hit with Frozen fever too!

What are you up to this weekend? Have you ever been to Rome before? If you have, any tips?!

Have a gorgeous weekend whatever you do,

Lots of love,

Sophia :) 

Small and happy's Disney Friday: Cinderella review!

I am on cloud nine. A Disneyfied, magical, romantic cloud.

In case this isn't clear enough, I have just seen Cinderella and loved every. single. minute.

It was the perfect fairy tale adaptation, there was not one tiny bit I would have changed. It was perfectly cast (with Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter having the star turns), perfectly shot and perfectly staged.

To quote another Disney lady you might say it was 'practically perfect in every way'.

Lily James (of Downton Abbey fame) took the lead role and did a wonderful job of making Cinderella so positive and happy and princessy but not too sugary sweet and Richard Madden made a lovely modern but also dashingly handsome and traditional prince. They always had really great chemistry, I really believed them as a couple. This is rare for fairy stories when the couples meet so little and then proclaim to be madly in love but it totally worked for me this time.

In terms of the story, it was the one we all know and love but with a few little tweaks along the way so that it didn't seem too play by play and predictable. I was gripped and interested right from the get go. The Frozen short they showed beforehand definitely could have helped....

Now onto the costumes, they were just phenomenal! Cate Blanchett's deliciously evil step mother had equally fabulous outfits and looked fantastic in every scene. If I didn't believe that clothes could reflect character I do now! With Cinderella THE dress itself for the ball was absolutely stunning and I swear I could hear several gasps and awwws in the cinema when she twirled in it! 

The staging and production was all brilliant and I really felt like I was watching an epic, magical fairytale unfolding in front of my eyes. It was mesmerising and I couldn't imagine how a little girl would have felt watching this movie! Every single scene was absolute stunning, the castle in particular and the whole ball scene was a feast for the eyes!

Don't get watching this expecting anything avant garde or different like Into the Woods or Maleficent, this is Disney at its best, through and through and it is an instant classic. It was heartwarming, funny, romantic, inspiring and it just filled me, my mum and sister's hearts with joy and gushy feelings!

I'm already wanting to go and see it again!

Sophia :) xxxxx

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

The last Friday in March! And oh boy, is Mickey right, I have been really looking forward to it. What seems (to me anyway!) as the longest month of the year so far is drawing to a close and I am very much looking forward to April and Easter!

This week has been one of those where I seemed to let things stress me out more than I should have and that needs to stop. I need to let things wash over me and not worry about them until I actually have to. We create so much worry in our our own minds it's ridiculous! 

So I am stopping that as of today. This Friday is the end of this working week and am deciding that next week my goal is to not 'sweat the small stuff' as they say which is so easily done when we're over tired and just generally working so hard!

This Friday for me will be a relaxed one spent cooking and watching tv with my boyfriend. Tomorrow will be more busy as I'm off to Liverpool to see my old uni housemates which I absolutely cannot wait! We're going for a civilised meal and drinks, definitely a far cry from the uni days but nevertheless, these are some of my favourite people in the world so I am seriously looking forward to this! 

So to that end, a happy Friday, a happy weekend and a happy last week in March. I'm going to make it a great one! 

What are you up to this weekend? Anything nice planned for he last weekend of March? 

Sophia xxx

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

So for today's Disney Friday the theme is strength. We can always be stronger and smarter and more positive and more anything than we give ourselves credit for! After all, Christopher Robin says so and his best friend is a bear so clearly, he knows his stuff...!

This has been the most crazy week really and I can't believe it's Friday again. Life is a little bit hectic and I've got a quite poorly boyfriend to think about as well as trips home and several birthdays to celebrate this weekend! However, as always it's time to sit back and relax and enjoy the weekend and be grateful for a rest! 

We never know how much we can deal with until we have to and I am proud of myself for how hard I've been working, how positive I've been, how I've stepped up for people around me and how much I've achieved so far in 2015!

I say all this because it's good to blow our own trumpets because we are so much more fantastic than we let ourselves believe!

So happy Friday, I know you've earned it! 

Sophia :) xxxx

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

It's Friday!

I'm exhausted. 

Work has been manic with parents' evening, World book day AND to top it all off we had the dreaded inspections..teachers among me will know what that means!

Howevee, like with everything in life, I made it through as we always do and I cannot wait to curl up tonight and do absolutely nothing. My plan is good food and a few episodes of 24!

What are your rocking Friday night plans? Tell me all about them please while I struggle to keep my eyes open!

Lots of love and chat soon! Let's kick Friday's little butt!

Sophia :) 


Small and happy's Disney Friday!

Happy Friday! The last Friday in February too!

For today's Disney Friday it's just a little reminder from Elsa...if you've had anything annoying or frustrating happen this week, just (you know what's coming..) LET IT GOOOO! Whatever's been and gone this week is just that, gone, so it's time to start getting excited for the weekend break! 

Crank up some of your favourite music when you get home tonight and just have a dance around and shake everything off because it's the weekend and you work hard and we deserve some fun! 

I've actually had a really good week but I'm still going to be pumping out the pop tunes when I get home tonight. I might even throw in some Disney...

How do you celebrate it being a Friday?

Any instant happy songs that you play?

Sophia :)


S&H's Disney Friday: THE LION KING

Hello one and all and happy Friday! 

I have been so busy this week and felt bad I hadn't got this review up sooner but then I realised this was probably the most fitting time to do this review, on Disney Friday! 

So, on Wednesday evening my boyfriend and I went to see the wonderful spectacle that is The Lion King (the musical stage show) at the Palace theatre in Manchester.

I had seen it but years and years ago and boyfriend was completely new to it but I just we would both love it. The way it's done with all of the incredible animal puppets (although puppets seems like too small a word!) and music and costumes just brings the story to life on another level!

All of the classic songs feature like 'Circle of life', 'Can you feel the love tonight?, and 'Hakuna Matata' as well as a few specifically for the show. If I'm being really picky I could kind of see why they didn't feature in the movie as they weren't as catchy or necessary as the classics we know and love, but they still offered a different spectacle in terms of performance each time so that was lovely!

Standout performances for me were Scar (total scene stealer) and Nala however the cast were all very strong. Little Simba seemed a little out of his depth but he couldn't have been more than 7 years old so i just felt massively proud that he was getting up there and giving it his all!

The Palace theatre itself is very grand and beautiful inside. I'd never been before and it really had the West End theatre feel that I haven't felt in many other theatres outside of London so that added to my excitement!

With our tickets we also got some variety boxes. These basically consisted of many sweet treats which I ate none of and boyfriend devoured so he was on a massive sugar high! Also because we both declines our complimentary alcoholic drink, opting for soft, that was turned into two free ice creams at the interval! And yep, you guessed it, he are them both. I promise you boyfriend has the most lean, muscly, healthy physique you can imagine as well. Life, eh?!

Anyway, this is the kind of show that anyone could go and see and enjoy thoroughly! Families, friends, couples, it's perfect for all and they even managed to keep it fresh and current with some Riverdance and Frozen references! Yes really!

All in all it's a brilliant show, if it's coming to a theatre near you next I urge you to go! If you love the film you'll love love love this! 

Have you seen The Lion King? What's the best musical you've ever seen? Do you like the idea of musical versions of movies?

Sophia x

Small and Happy's Disney Friday!

Happy Friday! I feel like this photo completely sums up my excitement for the weekend!

Don't you just love the fireworks at Disney? They're so magical. Usually I get a bit tired of fireworks but I feel like at the end of a magical day with all the music and the characters interspersed in the display Disney's fireworks makes for a perfect end to any day. I don't have them today so I'll just have to pretend with the help of this beautiful picture! Nevertheless, I am still feeling very joyful and happy to be saying hello to Friday once more :)

It's our first Friday in February too, can you believe it?! It's completely flown by and I am finally feeling better! Also the mornings are getting lighter too and it really feels like Spring is on the way. I am looking forward to catching up with some serious sleep and going bowling on Sunday! Yes, total big kid here! I am already preparing for my inner competitive nature (demon!) to be unleashed!

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans?

Sophia x

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

This week I have to share the beautiful Ariel for my Disney Friday purely because for the majority of the week I have been feeling her pain as I have had literally no voice! I'm still husky now but I'm hopeful that a weekend of resting my voice(ish) will help!

As you can imagine in the my line of work your voice is pretty invaluable so I have been struggling I will admit! 

Anyway, the final week of January is done! This means I will be needing to do a joyful January round up pretty soon. Can't believe how the time's flown. Roll on Spring and lighter days I say!

So for Disney Friday today I am asking, do you like Ariel? I personally do, if not for hair reasons alone! But she gets a lot of hate I find from these mega Disney fans, people saying she threw her life away and changed everything for a man and all that and I get it! However, she already wanted the human life or a least a taste of it and surely Eric was just another reason why she was so desperate to explore that world?

I think people who debate this on tumblr and what not get a bit too into it and I say it's a kids' film I wouldn't look to a mermaid as a benchmark for perfect life choices but what do you think? Is she a favourite or least favourite princess of yours? Who do you like best? My personal fave is Jasmine, can't see that changing anytime soon!

Happy FriYAY!! 

Sophia :) xxx 
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