S&H's Disney Friday: THE LION KING

Hello one and all and happy Friday! 

I have been so busy this week and felt bad I hadn't got this review up sooner but then I realised this was probably the most fitting time to do this review, on Disney Friday! 

So, on Wednesday evening my boyfriend and I went to see the wonderful spectacle that is The Lion King (the musical stage show) at the Palace theatre in Manchester.

I had seen it but years and years ago and boyfriend was completely new to it but I just we would both love it. The way it's done with all of the incredible animal puppets (although puppets seems like too small a word!) and music and costumes just brings the story to life on another level!

All of the classic songs feature like 'Circle of life', 'Can you feel the love tonight?, and 'Hakuna Matata' as well as a few specifically for the show. If I'm being really picky I could kind of see why they didn't feature in the movie as they weren't as catchy or necessary as the classics we know and love, but they still offered a different spectacle in terms of performance each time so that was lovely!

Standout performances for me were Scar (total scene stealer) and Nala however the cast were all very strong. Little Simba seemed a little out of his depth but he couldn't have been more than 7 years old so i just felt massively proud that he was getting up there and giving it his all!

The Palace theatre itself is very grand and beautiful inside. I'd never been before and it really had the West End theatre feel that I haven't felt in many other theatres outside of London so that added to my excitement!

With our tickets we also got some variety boxes. These basically consisted of many sweet treats which I ate none of and boyfriend devoured so he was on a massive sugar high! Also because we both declines our complimentary alcoholic drink, opting for soft, that was turned into two free ice creams at the interval! And yep, you guessed it, he are them both. I promise you boyfriend has the most lean, muscly, healthy physique you can imagine as well. Life, eh?!

Anyway, this is the kind of show that anyone could go and see and enjoy thoroughly! Families, friends, couples, it's perfect for all and they even managed to keep it fresh and current with some Riverdance and Frozen references! Yes really!

All in all it's a brilliant show, if it's coming to a theatre near you next I urge you to go! If you love the film you'll love love love this! 

Have you seen The Lion King? What's the best musical you've ever seen? Do you like the idea of musical versions of movies?

Sophia x


  1. I haven't seen the Lion King, but loads of people have raved about it, and so many people have recommended it! It sounds like such a fun show to see in what can be a bit of a dull time of year. xxx

    Miranda xx http://mirandasnotebook.com/

  2. Yeah you're so right! It can be a bit of a full time so it's nice to fill it with little exciting things :) xxx


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