Small and happy's Disney Friday!

Happy Friday! The last Friday in February too!

For today's Disney Friday it's just a little reminder from Elsa...if you've had anything annoying or frustrating happen this week, just (you know what's coming..) LET IT GOOOO! Whatever's been and gone this week is just that, gone, so it's time to start getting excited for the weekend break! 

Crank up some of your favourite music when you get home tonight and just have a dance around and shake everything off because it's the weekend and you work hard and we deserve some fun! 

I've actually had a really good week but I'm still going to be pumping out the pop tunes when I get home tonight. I might even throw in some Disney...

How do you celebrate it being a Friday?

Any instant happy songs that you play?

Sophia :)



  1. I love this post! I start singing Let it Go whenever I am frustrated with something - makes me feel better haha!


  2. Haha it just solves everything doesn't it! Forever thankful to Disney for that song!


  3. I'm thankful for Frozen, for sure! x


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