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Small, happy and what I love about being home for Christmas.

Can't believe it's the most wonderful time of the year. I am back at the family home in Sheffield and here is a little list of the things I love about being home at Christmas time:

* Watching all the Christmassy TV: The Holiday, Love Actually, Home Alone, every TV Christmas special, I particularly love the Gavin and Stacey Christmas one!

*Wrapping presents. Each year I try and step it up and I think this year I have out done myself! The woman in Paperchase asked me what my 'theme' was which filled me with dread but I mumbled something about liking silver and the result was the picture above which I am very proud of!

*Watching Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone. This needed its own post because it's just so good! I'm on my second viewing in as many days and it just makes me feel so festive every time!

* No alarm. This needs no further explanation.

*Writing Christmas cards. I love writing any type of card so Christmas is the ultimate opportunity to buy and write so many!

*Family time. Yes, I may get saturated with my dad at points but I love being with my family at this time of year as I love in another city to everyone so we don't see each other as much as we di. In particular I love seeing my sister who is basically my bestie!

*Everyone's general joy and excitement! It's just a more loving, sparkly time of year isn't it!

*The carols and the nativity. While I am not religious myself I love remembering why we are lucky enough to have this time off to be around our loved ones and particularly being a teacher carrying on the story of the nativity to the younger generation is one of my favourite things about this time of year.

*The food. I can show my love for brussel sprouts loudly and proudly in December and NO ONE CAM JUDGE ME. Well, not as much.

So that's what makes this time of year extra special for me, how about you? What's on your Christmas list? Any last minute shoppers out there?

Sophia x

Small and Happy's 10 reasons I LOVE Moulin Rouge!

That's right. I can think of 10 reasons and I'm sure you could have too if you'd given it as much thought as me, but then again this is my all time favourite movie so perhaps you don't think about this musical gem as much as I do. 

This list was inspired after 'Come what may' popped up on my iPod and it got me thinking 'God Ewan McGregor is amazing, in fact...this song is amazing...this whole movie is just amazing, I wonder how many reasons for just how great this movie is I could come up with...'

And voila, an deep insight into my blog writing on y va!

1. It's a musical. This in my book makes any movie infinitely better than your average film. Except Mean Girls, that golden nugget is just perfect as it is.

2. It's set in Paris. Now the city of lights may not set mes pantalons on fire with excitement like it does for 99% of the female population (save the part which houses Disneyland) however even I know that a pretty cool location makes this movie have that certain je ne sais quoi.

3. The Sound of Music reference. Sure, it's tiny bit in the film and if you don't remember it then you clearly have watched this movie less than five times, that's not okay so go bump up that number please. But yes, two musicals in one? Sounds great to me! 

4. It's got Kylie! I don't want to stereotype but could this movie have any more gay friendly elements?! The Parisian chic, drama and now a pop princess dressed as a fairy?! This is the film that just keeps on giving.

5. It has the ULTIMATE mash up. Like for real, the Elephant Love Medley so expertly combines so many songs that it makes every mash up Glee ever did look like child's play. And that hard for me to say because I have a special (and very secret) place in my heart for their 'It's my life' mash up with Usher's Confessions. Another example of musical genius right there.

6. Jim Broadbent. If him running around singing Like a Virgin with a white sheet flapping around on his head doesn't make you laugh then I don't really know what your deal is.

7. The fact that a lot of it takes place in an elephant. That's just exotic and cool and a whole host of other adjectives.

8. Ewan McGregor. His face, his voice, his eyes. His innocent beauty and love for Christine makes me tear up every time. Why is he not more of a thing still? Those sky, broadband adverts whatever he did recently just have not fulfilled the Ewan shaped hole in my life.

9. Come What May-a beautiful duet and one of my all time 'ill just sing along to this at the top of my lungs even though I can't carry a tune and try and sing both parts at the same time because I think I'm so talented' tracks. You know the ones I mean my friends.

10. Finally, it is an ultimate star crossed lovers story offering up such pearls of wisdom like 'the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return', the slightly more somber 'jealously will drive you mad' idea and the just plain silly myth that men will recite poetry they've written just for you when they're trying to woo you. Firstly, they just want the clothes off and secondly, this isn't bohemian Paris mes amis so any concept of wooing is exactly where the waiting theatrical eavesdroppers (another little reference!) are...right out the (elephant shaped) door. 

So there you go...some slightly mad but most I legitimate reasons as to why I just love this film so much. It has everything I could want and I definitely think I'll be popping it in the DVD player once I'm back from this travelling malarkey! 

What's your favourite film? Have you ever written a post about it? Is there someone out there who loves this film like I do?! Tell me please so we can be friends! 


PS- that last part sounded desperate I know. I need you to know I actually do have a lot of friends, like too many to make time to see (#popularproblems....more like #busyteacherproblems) but I don't have a fellow Moulin Rouge obsessive in my life so if you're one of them, make your extremely discerning self known to me! 

Small and Happy's 30 before 30

With the onset of my mid 20s very much imminent, aka, my next birthday, I thought it would be nice to sit back and think about all of the (30) things I would like to accomplish in the next few years... I love a good list anyway so writing this was just too much fun! #wildwoman

30 before 30:

Go back to New York

Have a baby

Take part in a sushi making class

Do The colour run (or Colour Walk as I might be better off calling it...)

Get married 

Take part in a cocktail making class

Do a barre core class

Make homemade bread

Grow vegetables in my garden

Get better at tennis

Learn to crochet

Watch a tv show being filmed

Do some sort of further study

See a Shakespeare play in Stratford

Go away on a health detox!

Go to Universal Studios in Florida
(combined with a return trip to Disneyworld, naturally)

Visit Australia

Host a BBQ

Have diving lessons

Improve my Portuguese

Do some volunteering (maybe abroad?)

See a real life panda 

Go to Japan (especially Disneyland Tokyo!) 

Join a book club

Raise money for a charity

Do a tour of America!

Develop my baking skills so I have a few go to classic bakes

Eat at a Michelin starred chef's restaurant 

Go on a honeymoon somewhere lovely and secluded

Learn to cook some of my Portuguese grandmother's recipes

So there they are, my list of things is like to accomplish in the next six years. This is not a checklist, nor will I feel like a failure if I don't do everything. This is just a reflection of me taking a step back and looking at what I'd like to do to help myself grow, have fun and broaden my horizons. It's so easy to get caught up in my life which is why I think it's so important to make lists.

As mum always says, 'if you don't write it down, you don't do it!' 

What would be on your list, have you done any of these?

Lots of love, 

Sophia :) xxxxx

Small, happy and currently! #5

Well helloooo there!

So, I haven't done one of these in a while and I love being able to have a little recap of life at the minute! Here's what I'm currently enjoying, loving, thinking at the minute!

Dreaming...about being in Portugal seeing my family in summer. Just look at that perfect beach! 

Feeling...excited for my birthday! Just need to get my voice back...#littlemermaidoverhere

Loving...the new Glamour this month, having Taylor Swift as guest editor? Genius! My girl crush is seriously growing. I've always loved her music but I'm starting to really like her as a person too.

Receiving...a lot of support and praise at work. I've been given quite a big challenge for the next academic year and I'm taking it as a massive compliment that they've chosen me to do it.

Reading...The Rosie Effect. Absolutely loving it just like I knew I would. 

Watching....Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (so funny and upbeat!) and too much Dinner Date (massive guilty pleasure).

Wanting...too many cookbooks. So many recipes, so little time!

Counting Summer? Aren't we all!

Waiting...for the Royal baby to be born! Come ooooonnn, I'm just an impatient Royalist here!

So catch me up, what are you loving, reading, cooking at the minute? 

Lots of love,

Sophia :) xxxx

Small and happy's top 5 childhood tv shows!

My top 5 childhood tv shows!

I got thinking the other day about my favourite shows from when I was younger. The kind of shows that when I rewatch them now they remind me of so many happy times when I was younger and still bring me joy today. I love with the power of youtube we can still enjoy our old favourites. From watching videos like Pokemon and the like and seeing the thousands of views I know I'm not the only one who loves revisiting childhood shows so I thought I'd try and list my top 5 and ask you what all of your faves were! 

1// Sailor Moon

I absolutely loved this show. My sister and I used to set alarms to catch this in the half term break because that was the only time they showed it! If you haven't heard of this it's an anime show about these girls who all have secret alter egos that fight crime. They each represent a planet, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars etc and they all come together to fight the forces of evil. They are led by Sailor Moon whose real life persona is Serena and she is the clumsiest, whingiest (yes I know this is not a word) girl ever! So it makes for some hilarity along the way. There's also romance, adorable cats and some gorgeous animation. I haven't ventured far into the world of anime but if it's all as amazing as this I'm missing out! So any recommendations let me know!


Obsessed doesn't cover it. When I young and the Pokemon craze first hit I had the cards, the books, watched the show, played the games, everything. It's hard to remember now just how into it all I (and the whole world!) was. But I seriously loved following Ash and his pals and loved learning about all the different Pokemon and their evolutions etc. I also loved his friend Misty and her water Pokemon and pre teen Sophia also had a little soft spot for Brock, this May or not may have been a little crush..I was too young to be sure!

3// Sabrina the Teenage Witch

I still totally watch this now all the time. I think every girl out there wants to be a witch no? Before I dreamt of being Hermione, it was Sabrina's life I wanted. Living with two fun aunts, in a lovely, old house, magical powers and a nice selection of hot boyfriends and quirky friends. Harvey, Josh, Harvey, Josh, I definitely torn for a while! Plus, whenever she used to just point her finger and change her outfit or where she was that was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I just loved the humour and the fun of this show and I thought Melissa Joan Hart was the bees knees!

4//Two of a Kind

My Mary-Kate and Ashley obsession has been long lasting and this short lived show (only one season was made?!) was one of my favourites growing up and I still watch reruns whenever I can find them on youtube or the like! It follows the Olsens when they're about 10 years olds and their antics with their college professor, kind of uptight Dad and their carefree, young nanny. Even when watching the show as an adult I genuinely find it funny and the humour is a lot sharper (and more adult in some places!) than a lot of 'kids shows'. I really enjoyed this as a child like all of their other tv shows and movies. I just wanted to be an Olsen, okay?!

5//Lizzie McGuire 

Oh Lizzie. A girl after my own heart. I thought this show was so original. I loved the cartoon Lizzie that just blurted out everything she was feeling, I think we all need one of those when we're teenagers! I loved watching this as I was nearing my teen years and watching her navigate friend, family and boy problems was a real help to me. The episode where she goes bra shopping anyone?! Disney used to really address some important issues in a sensible, helpful and always heart warming and funny way and I feel so lucky to have been in my generation to enjoy it at its best! I also loved hers and Gordo's relationship, I remember chatting for hours with my besties about the latest developments in their friendship! Aaah the early days of shipping!

So those were some of my favourite tv shows when I was growing up. To be honest the beauty of these is that I could watch any of them now and still enjoy them, and I do! What were your favourite shows? Do you still watch shows from your childhood now?

Lots of love

Sophia :) xxx

Small, happy and currently! #4

There's no reason for this pup other than it's cute and I guess it was Crufts this weekend so it's slightly relevant?!


It's been a while since I've done a little round up of life and what I'm enjoying, thinking and other various verb-ing(!) at the minute! But before I dive in, it's Spring, how exciting is that?! I can already feel the longer days and sunny spells lifting my mood and it's lovely :)

In that cheerful vein here's my little life lately list!

Watching// 24 season 3 (again!), Modern family, Nashville, GBBO, and on a more serious note: Channel 4's Junk food kids, scary stuff.

Booking// Flights to Singapore!! I can't wait to get planning :)

Appreciating// Being well. I finally seem to be at the end of colds, laryngitis and what not and it makes me realise how lucky I am to not have big health issues all the time.

Wanting// A Victoria's Secret bikini. It's just never a 'good' day to be trying them on is it?! Girls you feel my pain I'm sure!

Hoping// To keep calm and positive and remind myself how well I'm doing at work and to let myself have time to relax too :)

Loving// My overnight oats. Such s revelation. Eating breakfast at work has never been so fun and delicious. It's all about cinnamon...

Reading// Cookbooks galore. Must. Stop. Buying.

Looking forward to// Easter! I know it's still a while yet but I feel all full of Spring at the minute and I can't wait for the holidays and all of the excitement that the sunny weather brings! 

What have you all been loving recently? Any recommendations? Books? Films? Blogs? 

Lots of love,

Sophia :) 

Small and 10 happy things! #5

Hello there lovely people!! How you doing? So we are half way through February (say what?!) and for me it has been a very busy week with school assessments and what not. However, looking back there have also been a lot of highs and little special moments so let's have a nice recap and a catch up!

1// Stealing some time for Beauty and the Beast. Disney makes most weeks better, non? 

2// My class acing their first (and my first!) assembly! I won't do work happy things all the time but I do work in a challenging environment so the happy moments need to be celebrated greatly as much for me as for the kids! This week the whole class stepped it up for our assembly and to see children who usually skip school or are late or pull out of participating all rally together to do something they were proud of was really inspiring. I am so happy they feel safe enough to put themselves out there now. #emotional

3// The fact that the Sun is shining! This weekend especially has definitely seen Mr Sun not just poking his head out but actually baring all in an almost cloudless blue sky at several points! I'm feeling instantly happier and closer to summer already! 

4// My weather happiness has come at an ironic time as one of my other pieces of happiness this week was finally getting hands on (literally!) some touch screen gloves! These beauties are from asos (sold out I'm afraid now!) and they were a belated Christmas present from my sister's boyfriend so that was a lovely little surprise that came my way this week! They don't work 100% of the time as my fingers are far too small so the pressure from my fingertips isn't at end of the glove #smallandlesshappy) but they are beautiful anyway and I love them!

5// Celebrating Valentine's day yesterday the best way I know how: with my favourite person in the world eating my favourite food. The delicious natural and cookies and cream frozen yoghurt we had at yogberries in Hale, Cheshire was absolutely delicious! If you're in the area go please! They also deliver. Seriously.

6//  Having time to indulge in my new guilty pleasure...Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on itv player. As I have mentioned briefly I was a cheerleader at university and loved everything it entailed. As such, this reality show following the Dallas cheerleaders picking a new squad and training them is right up my street! It's dramatic, peppy and makes what I did at uni look like toddlers dancing at a disco. I know as much about American football as I do about quantum physics but I do know that Dallas' team are a huge deal so their cheer squad needs to be tight (bit of cheer lingo for you there) so the pressure is really on for these aspiring ladies! Pure guilty pleasure and reality tv at it's Southern charm best!

7// Taking the sensible road and having some 'me time'. I have been suffering with laryngitis as I've mentioned but I didn't stop my workout routine once much to the dismay of my boyfriend who said I was working myself too hard and delaying my recovery. My excuse was that you're silent for an hour in an exercise class and if I was at home there's absolutely no chance that would happen so surely I was giving my voice time to heal?! Despite my stubborn ways this Monday I gave my usual Zumba class a miss and actually listened to my body which was telling me I was drained, exhausted and needed the rest. So, I came straight home from work, watched some tv, did no work for school and just chilled out. It really did me the world of good and honestly set me up for the week. I am such a one for always pushing on, stiff upper lip, don't want to admit I'm poorly (think Monica on Friends) and all that but for once I'm really, really glad I took self care seriously this week. *pats on back* 

8// TV again but I have been loving Modern Family and Scandal recently. There is just much to watch at the minute, we are so spoiled for choice when it comes to good tv right now.

9// The fact that I am ending this week by heading home to Sheffield to see my Mum and sister. I absolutely can't wait to be reunited and to spend some proper time together without the stress of work(ish!) look how happy we are to be together, you can't go without that joy for too long! 

10// The Comic Relief Bake Off on Wednesday. Tell me you all watched this too?! I absolutely loved Dame Edna and I think Joanna Lumley is a class act. I just love the show so much and it always makes me think of Summer which is goood! Next week they've got Jonathan Ross, Gok Wan, Zoella and Abbey Clancy. Not only have I heard of all these people (rare for any celeb reality show type thing) but I LIKE all of them too so this will be really fun to watch and I'm sure this will feature in next week's happy things! 

What's made you happy this week? Are you experiencing a bit of Sun at the minute too? Do you have any tv guilty pleasures? (Please tell me you do!) 

Sophia x

Small, happy and girl crushing! #2

Classic Marilyn. The epitome of sexy. They don't make them like this anymore. I just wish you'd had more happiness in yourself you beautiful lady.

Sophia x

Small and 10 happy things! #4

Another week over and it's my job again to round up the happy things that have made this week special. February is looking mighty fine so far, especially if the photo below is anything to go by. I slightly struggled writing this purely because time is going so fast it seems like Friday is coming too fast for anything else to have happened! But we are :)

1// This absolutely beautiful sunrise on my way into work. As the saying goes red sky in the morning shepherds' warning and that was all too prophetic given some of the dramatic events in school that day. It was definitely a dangerous beauty this sunrise!

2// A brilliant Zumba class. It's always good to shake it off! It was wonderful to enjoy it at full strength after being poorly the week before!

3// My class doing some amazing weather reports for our topic on Brazil! They all loved getting into the role of the newsreader and it made me laugh so much. The pronunciations of some of the cities were priceless! 

4// A little Boots haul on Tuesday. I managed to be back in Altrincham town centre in time to quickly pop to Boots and pick up all the essentials, plus some non essentials too! My Barry M collection is growing by the week...

5// Lovely phone calls with two of my best friends. All of us living in different places and doing different things can mean that time just flies by without us catching up. It seemed to take us ages to find a time to chat but it was so worth it! An hour and a half on the phone discussing all the important matters of birthdays plans, life and of course, Bruce Jenner's apparent sex change (!) made for an unbeatable Tuesday evening! 

6// New issues of Cosmo and Glamour!  I am currently lying on my bed with both magazines and a mug of a green tea. If that's not perfect moment I don't know what is!

7// A visit from the 'in laws'. My boyfriend's parents came to visit yesterday and it was lovely to catch up with them. It's really nice that I feel so comfortable with them plus it's always nice to hear about how things are going back home!

8// Finishing another 24 season! I'm rewatching all the 24 series with Boyfriend and I'm loving experiencing it through his eyes as he watches it for the first time. All of the twists and turns have completely thrown him it's been hilarious!

9// Finally going bowling! We went to All Star Lanes in Manchester and it was fab. Not cheesy and tacky like the bowling alleys of my youth at all! It felt like a little piece of America as it was so authentic, with bowling pins displayed and the old school signs and what not. I totally lost though so my pride has taken a bit of bit this week..

10// Having a lie in finally! I've not been sleeping so well and this morning I managed to sleep in past the Sun rising! This is a huge deal as for most of the week I've been up before 6 (yes really!) so I was thrilled! 

What's made you happy this week? Seen any beautiful sunrises yourself? 

Sophia :)

Small and happy's #fabulousfebruary

In case no one's realised from my last couple of posts I have discovered the app PicCandy haha! Creating the above picture (basically a 6 year old's doodle!) gave me much joy while I was lying in bed this morning too ill to get up! 

Anyway, I feel like I achieved and did a lot in January and I think it's because I really sat down and thought about what I wanted from those four weeks. As such, I'm going to do that again this month! February is such a crazy period because time just flies, those few little missing days that make the month shorter seem to make a world of difference! 

So to make this February fabulous I plan to:

*Play the host. This weekend we're expecting a visit from Boyfriend's parents which will be nice and we might even be cooking for them. This is a time to test the culinary skills! Although to be fair his parents are the most unfussy, easy going people when it comes to food and to quote Boyfriend 'we could serve then dried pasta and they'd eat it happily' so I think our food will pass the test!

*Play the host x2. One of my best uni friends is coming to stay in February and I can't wait for her to come! We'll just chill out, watch movies and just catch up and enjoy each other's company. It'll be so nice having that time together one on one which I don't think we've had for literally years! Plus I'd like to convince her to move to England so I shall be pulling out all of the Manchester/Cheshire stops!

*Go to a spa. I have a voucher that I got for my birthday almost two years ago that literally needs to be used PRONTO. If I lose my free massage privileges I will be devastated. These knots aren't going to loosen themselves! So, I am going to use half term to head back home to Sheffield and use the voucher for the spa there, Spa 1877. It's absolutely beautiful there and I am really looking forward to booking a treatment and just having some total relaxation time. I think I'll try and book it for the Monday. Everything always feels extra decadent when you're doing it at a time when you'd normally be working, don't you think?

*Go and see The Lion King. Boyfriend and I have tickets to see the show in Manchester and I can't wait. I haven't seen it for years and years and can barely remember it and he's never seen it on stage so this will be fab!

*Celebrate Valentine's Day-froyo style! We don't make a huge deal out of Valentine's day. We've never been ones for big material gestures and having spent so much of our relationship in long distance due to our university choices we are more used to planning special things to do together. Just seeing each other when you've been apart for weeks was wonderful enough without the need for presents and other splurges! So to that end we'll do what we have always done which is get each other a card and just make a point of doing something we love together (usually this involves nandos..) This year boyfriend suggested going for froyo (which is my all time, number one favourite thing) at our favourite place, Frurt in Prestwich in Manchester. The reason this one tops them all is because it's self service! As in like 8 different flavours and all the toppings you could want and you can just go to town and get as much as you would like (and I do, and then some) Last time my froyo ended up costing a tenner (it's calculated by weight...dangerous, I know) and I'm sure as it's a special occasion I'll make sure I hit that mark again!

* Go bowling! I wanted to do this last month as part of my 'do something different' pledge but we kept putting it back for various reasons so we're hoping to go one weekend this month. There's some really cool places in Manchester that offer it, it's not just Hollywood bowl streaming with kids anymore! Bowling gotten edgy!

*Celebrate Chinese New Year! Obviously I am not Chinese, however I love the Asian culture and one of my best friends in Chinese so I've always had a penchant for all things Oriental. I'm especially fascinated by their new year's celebrations. As Manchester has one of the biggest Chinese communities in the UK (think it's the largest outside of London but don't quote me on that!) the celebration here is a big deal. It starts on the 19th Feb and carries on through the weekend with a big parade on the 22nd complete with street food, a Chinese dragon and lots of music and performances. I really can't wait! I think this will be fantastic and something completely different. I love that Manchester is such a melting pot and I really want to try and experience as many different cultures and events as possible.

*Go to the cinema again! This was something that really made me happy in January and I am definitely going to keep this up. I'm think American Sniper next!

So all in all, looking at that list, bowling, Chinese dragons, hosting, massages, cinema trips etc. It's looking to be a quite diverse and exciting month, I almost don't know how I'll fit it all in, especially with that little, niggly thing called work! 

How's your February looking? Are you glad to see the back of January or was it a really good month for you? 

Let me always, I'm desperately nosy! 

Have a lovely week :)

Sophia x
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