Small and 10 happy things! #5

Hello there lovely people!! How you doing? So we are half way through February (say what?!) and for me it has been a very busy week with school assessments and what not. However, looking back there have also been a lot of highs and little special moments so let's have a nice recap and a catch up!

1// Stealing some time for Beauty and the Beast. Disney makes most weeks better, non? 

2// My class acing their first (and my first!) assembly! I won't do work happy things all the time but I do work in a challenging environment so the happy moments need to be celebrated greatly as much for me as for the kids! This week the whole class stepped it up for our assembly and to see children who usually skip school or are late or pull out of participating all rally together to do something they were proud of was really inspiring. I am so happy they feel safe enough to put themselves out there now. #emotional

3// The fact that the Sun is shining! This weekend especially has definitely seen Mr Sun not just poking his head out but actually baring all in an almost cloudless blue sky at several points! I'm feeling instantly happier and closer to summer already! 

4// My weather happiness has come at an ironic time as one of my other pieces of happiness this week was finally getting hands on (literally!) some touch screen gloves! These beauties are from asos (sold out I'm afraid now!) and they were a belated Christmas present from my sister's boyfriend so that was a lovely little surprise that came my way this week! They don't work 100% of the time as my fingers are far too small so the pressure from my fingertips isn't at end of the glove #smallandlesshappy) but they are beautiful anyway and I love them!

5// Celebrating Valentine's day yesterday the best way I know how: with my favourite person in the world eating my favourite food. The delicious natural and cookies and cream frozen yoghurt we had at yogberries in Hale, Cheshire was absolutely delicious! If you're in the area go please! They also deliver. Seriously.

6//  Having time to indulge in my new guilty pleasure...Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on itv player. As I have mentioned briefly I was a cheerleader at university and loved everything it entailed. As such, this reality show following the Dallas cheerleaders picking a new squad and training them is right up my street! It's dramatic, peppy and makes what I did at uni look like toddlers dancing at a disco. I know as much about American football as I do about quantum physics but I do know that Dallas' team are a huge deal so their cheer squad needs to be tight (bit of cheer lingo for you there) so the pressure is really on for these aspiring ladies! Pure guilty pleasure and reality tv at it's Southern charm best!

7// Taking the sensible road and having some 'me time'. I have been suffering with laryngitis as I've mentioned but I didn't stop my workout routine once much to the dismay of my boyfriend who said I was working myself too hard and delaying my recovery. My excuse was that you're silent for an hour in an exercise class and if I was at home there's absolutely no chance that would happen so surely I was giving my voice time to heal?! Despite my stubborn ways this Monday I gave my usual Zumba class a miss and actually listened to my body which was telling me I was drained, exhausted and needed the rest. So, I came straight home from work, watched some tv, did no work for school and just chilled out. It really did me the world of good and honestly set me up for the week. I am such a one for always pushing on, stiff upper lip, don't want to admit I'm poorly (think Monica on Friends) and all that but for once I'm really, really glad I took self care seriously this week. *pats on back* 

8// TV again but I have been loving Modern Family and Scandal recently. There is just much to watch at the minute, we are so spoiled for choice when it comes to good tv right now.

9// The fact that I am ending this week by heading home to Sheffield to see my Mum and sister. I absolutely can't wait to be reunited and to spend some proper time together without the stress of work(ish!) look how happy we are to be together, you can't go without that joy for too long! 

10// The Comic Relief Bake Off on Wednesday. Tell me you all watched this too?! I absolutely loved Dame Edna and I think Joanna Lumley is a class act. I just love the show so much and it always makes me think of Summer which is goood! Next week they've got Jonathan Ross, Gok Wan, Zoella and Abbey Clancy. Not only have I heard of all these people (rare for any celeb reality show type thing) but I LIKE all of them too so this will be really fun to watch and I'm sure this will feature in next week's happy things! 

What's made you happy this week? Are you experiencing a bit of Sun at the minute too? Do you have any tv guilty pleasures? (Please tell me you do!) 

Sophia x


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