Small, happy and currently! #4

There's no reason for this pup other than it's cute and I guess it was Crufts this weekend so it's slightly relevant?!


It's been a while since I've done a little round up of life and what I'm enjoying, thinking and other various verb-ing(!) at the minute! But before I dive in, it's Spring, how exciting is that?! I can already feel the longer days and sunny spells lifting my mood and it's lovely :)

In that cheerful vein here's my little life lately list!

Watching// 24 season 3 (again!), Modern family, Nashville, GBBO, and on a more serious note: Channel 4's Junk food kids, scary stuff.

Booking// Flights to Singapore!! I can't wait to get planning :)

Appreciating// Being well. I finally seem to be at the end of colds, laryngitis and what not and it makes me realise how lucky I am to not have big health issues all the time.

Wanting// A Victoria's Secret bikini. It's just never a 'good' day to be trying them on is it?! Girls you feel my pain I'm sure!

Hoping// To keep calm and positive and remind myself how well I'm doing at work and to let myself have time to relax too :)

Loving// My overnight oats. Such s revelation. Eating breakfast at work has never been so fun and delicious. It's all about cinnamon...

Reading// Cookbooks galore. Must. Stop. Buying.

Looking forward to// Easter! I know it's still a while yet but I feel all full of Spring at the minute and I can't wait for the holidays and all of the excitement that the sunny weather brings! 

What have you all been loving recently? Any recommendations? Books? Films? Blogs? 

Lots of love,

Sophia :) 


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