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Small and Happy's Instagram round up!

I am currently in bed watching Romeo and Juliet (how did I forgot how beautiful and angelic 90s Leo is?!) so my current activity is presently a big fat zero.

However, I have been a busy bee recently so I thought I would round up what I've been doing through my Instagram! 

1. My tree, isn't she pretty?! I have had her up proudly since the end of November and I am loving the twinkly lights every evening when it's dark outside.

2. Standard blogger Lush shot. I want the sparkly star and I don't care that I am a full blown adult.

3. One of the best things about Christmas is surely all the shop displays, no? This beauty was spotted in Altrincham.

4. Some amazing Christmas card envelopes decorated by hand by my very talented friend!

5. Found a Sailor Venus comic. Didn't buy it. This story has a sad ending.

6. PJ day a few weeks ago for Children In Need, hands down the comfiest Friday ever.

7. Hunger Games!! I waited so long for this one and it did not disappoint.

8. A recent wonderful sleepover with my sister. My best friend :)

9. The Trafford Centre managing to look Christmassy despite the palm trees?!

Anyway, there's a little snapshot into my life at the minute. I just love Instagram and I would love to follow more people so please leave your usernames below! Mine is @sophiacristina is anyone wants to follow on! 

How are we all? Hope you're having s lovely weekend and you're not caught out in the rain!

Sophia xxx

Small, happy and rounding up March!

Perhaps #madmarch would have been more appropriate.

Usually this is the kind of post where people wax lyrical about how they can't believe how fast the month has gone.

This is not that post. This has not been that month.

Don't get me wrong, as always I've enjoyed lots of fun little moments in March but I've also some very high stress moments like my school being inspected and my boyfriend being hospitalised!

However as we all do, we made it through and now I can look back on March fondly for all the good it DID bring!

I had lots of birthday to celebrate this month, my Dad, my Grandma and one of my best friends. This meant a lovely trip back to Sheffield and lots of great food. My Dad also surprised me and my sister with gift hampers from Champneys, our favourite spa ever, which was completely out of the blue and very much appreciated. The bear pictured now lives on my bed with the rest of the cuddly crew and has been names Clarissa, for anyone who wants to know!

I ended the month with a trip to Liverpool as I've just mentioned and this was just perfect. I loved living there when I was at uni and I'm so glad to be somewhere where I can get back there anytime in less than an hour. I feel so lucky to have such a brilliant group of friends living so near. Two of them also just had offers accepted on house (like proper grown ups) so I forsee lots of housewarmings coming up!!

My grandma also got an iphone this month so we've been having lots of FaceTimes and emoji chats, she is serious fan of the animal ones...I really feel like this has been a wonderful month in terms of family and friends. I've had so much support and love from so many different people and that's what I'm most grateful for in March. It's not about going to lots of different restaurants and fancy places and much I actually DID in
a month that makes it. That's all brilliant don't get me wrong, but what makes a great month (and a great life) is those special people that we surround ourselves with. 

So on that note, I for one feel very lucky to be coming away from March feeling yes, drained, slightly worried (for my boyfriend's health) and sleepy. But I also feel very loved, supported and cared for. So that makes it a pretty awesome month in my book!

How was your March? Do you ever have months where everything crazy comes at once? What are your plans for the Easter weekend?

Lots of love,

Sophia x

Small, happy and throwback Thursday!

After some beautiful days that teased us that Spring was coming I wake up to rain (standard Manchester!) and news from my Mum that there's snow in Sheffield! So to that end I'm throwing back to sunnier times, Portugal this last summer 2014. Come one sunshine, we'd love to see your smiley face again soon! 

What is it like where you are? Are you sitting pretty laughing at us poor, cold UK dwellers or are you teaching for your brolly this morning too?

Lots of love, it's almost Friday!

Sophia :) xxx

Small and 10 happy things! #8

Firstly, no I am not currently on a beach in Thailand. This is a lovely throwback to 2012, however I thought this was a very nice happy photo and thus very appropriate to use for this week's happy things.

I may not be picking up shells in a far off corner of the world but I am still loving life UK side and here are the little things that have made my March this week! 

1// World Book Day. As a teacher this day is obviously a big deal and it was so fun to dress up (Katniss Everdeen all the way!) and see all the kids in their costumes too! Reading purely for joy is just not celebrated in schools as much as it should be so it was lovely to inspire the children and hopefully it will continue. Having said that, I must admit half of my class are glued to Zoella's books so I must thank her for that!

2// Facetiming my grandma! As you heard in last week's happy things my grandma, aka best pal for life, got an iphone. Now she is a stubborn technophobe and I was doubtful she'd even use it at all so you can imagine my shock and absolute glee when she FACETIMED me on Wednesday evening! She was so happy she could see me and it's going to make the times that we're separated by the naughty Pennines that much easier!

3// Not just surviving but THRIVING in an incredibly crazy week at work! I can't go into too much detail but we had some very important 'visitors' in school. Fellow teachers will know who I am referring to... Anyway, it all went well and they were particulary complimentary to me which was really really exciting and gave me a big spring in my step! This then turned into utter exhaustion by Friday but oh well!

4// Picking up the new issue of Cosmo. I have yet to dive into this, however I am loving the look of it so far. Cameron Diaz is a gem and I just love the feeling of a new glossy in my hands. You just can't beat it. #readbooksnotscreens

5// Lovely phone chats with a bestie. This is always good and although it's hard sometimes to organise a time it is so important and always makes me so happy!

6// Beautiful weather on Saturday. The weather was really looking up this weekend and it's making me feel so summery! Please don't go awayyyyy sunshineee!

7// Travel planning. I picked up some travel guides for South East Asia, so excited to finally be planning properly!

8// Having a total day off on Saturday (and most of Sunday too...) I feel so guilty when I do this but I really felt like I deserved it after the week and that's what weekends are for aren't they? For relaxing! 

9// Lazy mornings in bed. Even if I'm up too early, just being able to lounge around in bed is just bliss. 

10// My Whatsapp group with my mum and my sister. We have daily random crazy chats at all hours and it's just brilliant! This is when the pros of technology completely outweigh the bad, in my opinion anyway! Anything that allows three women in different cities to be close and talk so much is a gift.

What's made you happy this week? I hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend!

Sophia :) 


Small and happy's Disney Friday!

It's Friday!

I'm exhausted. 

Work has been manic with parents' evening, World book day AND to top it all off we had the dreaded inspections..teachers among me will know what that means!

Howevee, like with everything in life, I made it through as we always do and I cannot wait to curl up tonight and do absolutely nothing. My plan is good food and a few episodes of 24!

What are your rocking Friday night plans? Tell me all about them please while I struggle to keep my eyes open!

Lots of love and chat soon! Let's kick Friday's little butt!

Sophia :) 


Small, happy and rounding up #fabulousfebruary

Another month done! I knew February was going to a short one but this just takes the biscuit!

I hope your February was lovely and filled with lots of fun, happy things! Here are a few of the highlights I was lucky enough to have in #fabulousfebruary:

*One of my best uni friends coming to stay with me. It was so, so lovely to catch up and spend some time together. We went shopping, to the cinema and spent far too much in the Selfridges food hall! Doesn't everyone need raspberry balsamic vinegar?!

*Catching up with my fellow teacher pals. A lovely lunch together with some delicious healthy food. We spent the whole time chatting and getting excited for Charlotte's hen do in May!

*A nice little Disney afternoon. I had some time to myself to watch Beauty and the Beast while doing some work. This wasn't exactly a huge, special day or anything but taking some me time was a real highlight of a really busy month!

*Time at home in Sheffield, making pancakes and hanging out! It was really fab to get some time at home and making my sister some healthier pancakes was a really fun activity and it was great to do something different together. Anything we do together is just so fun and I treasure my time with her so much.

*A snap of the gorgeous, healthy lunch I had with my friends. That's squash not wine by the way, yes we're that sensible! But when the hen do comes that'll be a different story I am sure...

*Photobooth fun at All Star Lanes in Manchester. Still happy to kiss him even though he completely whooped my behind at bowling!

*The adorable Valentine's card boyfriend gave me. I love Daisy Duck (she's my absolutely favourite!) and knowing that he thought this was the perfect card and it was.

*An amazing card I spotted in the Trafford centre, IT HAS MY NAME ON! This never happens! I didn't buy it obviously because well, who buys their own birthday cards?! 

*Victoria's Secret splurges. The wishlist continues to grow...

*Seeing The Lion King! It was amazing! It already feels like months ago but it was such a vibrant, exciting show and it only served to strengthen my Disney obsession!!

*Delicious froyo. Just because a month that has froyo in, is a wonderful, wonderful month!

So those were just a few things that made February a lovely month! What were some of your highlights? Let me know! 

Sophia :)


Small and 10 happy things! #6

Well, I feel like this will be one of the quickest and easiest happy things feature I'll write this year. There's one reason for that and one reason only. The two glorious words to anyone working in education: half term.

As much as I usually like time off to be full of relaxing and watching tv I have been super busy and have been the world's biggest social butterfly this week! All this talking and catching up is probably why I am now again suffering from a sore throat this cosy Saturday. #cantshutmeup

So here we go, my ten happy things this week! 

1// Being at home at the start of this week in Sheffield with my Mum and sister. My sister is going through a bit of a rough time this week so while it's not easy for me it made her feel better having me there and it was lovely to enjoy a few home comforts :) 

2// Catching up with my teacher friends. On Monday I drove (well was driven!) over to Wakefield to catch up with some of my besties from my PGCE (teacher training) last year. We all took food and we we met at my friend's new house. As in brand new and her own! Mortgages people, this life is getting scary! Anyway, I got there and my friend's beautiful house and stunning kitchen was smelling of lovely roasted veg and sweet potato wedges. Everyone brought a lovely selection of fresh and healthy food and filled ourselves with squash and shared the highs and lows of our working lives! It's so nice to share with people who understand you but also who you have so much else in common with. It's almost as if teaching is how we met but our common interests and silly senses of humour have brought us so close together in a way I never expected when I started the course two years again. Funny what (and who!) life can bring you isn't it?

3// Having a beautiful and relaxing massage, mid week! I've already spoken about this on here but I firmly believe that I need to incorporate weekly massages into my life! Perhaps if I had Hermione's time turner I could just make it happen!

4// Going to see The Lion King at the Palace theatre in Manchester. Again, I've rounded this up already but this was certainly a highlight of the month let alone the week! I love the theatre and I hope to go much more often in the coming months and explore Manchester's thriving theatre scene.

5// Having a lovely catch up with my uni friends. On Thursday evening I was visited by three of my best friends from my time at the University of Liverpool. We went to Hale (read-posh part of Cheshire) and broke the bank dining at the Michelin starred, impossible get into, restaurant du jour. Lol jk, we went to Pizza Express but it was the fanciest Pizza Express I've ever been to and the service was absolutely outstanding!

6// One of those best uni friends staying with me. Leanne, one of the lovely ladies I used to live with at uni, stayed with me for a couple of nights this week. It was so nice to see that even though years have passed we findeach other's company still just as fun and easy as ever. That's what great, true friends are isn't it? Where you can just be completely, 100% yourself and you don't need to think about what you're saying. You just get each other.

7// Having a very rare splurge at the Trafford centre! On Friday I took Leanne on her very first trip to a Victoria's Secret store (come on Northern Ireland, catch up!) We were helped by a lovely sales assistant who helped us (such an enabler!) spend faaaar too much money in store. I came away with two lovely bras and a seriously long wishlist. All I can say is thank God the Trafford centre is a 50 minute bus ride away! 

8// A lovely Saturday where I could just catch up on tv and chill out. Those days are rare so I need to grab it with both hands! 

9// Great British Bake Off. I loved this week's again, it's becoming a lovely mid week pick me up. Who doesn't want a bit of Mary and Paul injected into their Wednesday? Fabulously English stuff and my girl crush on Abbey Clancy has definitely grown from this week's offering!

10// A mega sleep last night. It's been such a crazy, busy half term and I feel like it's all taken it out of me a little bit so on Saturday night we hit the hay at literally half 9 and I didn't wake up until 8. If you know me well you'll know that 6.45 is a low in so this was no mean feat! I am a still a very sleepy sausage but I am thinking of a Harry Potter film and maybe a nap?! This girl's sleeping patterns are getting a little bit cray right now. Maybe the teenage years are finally kicking in! 

So that's been my week, and what a hectic, jam packed one indeed! How was yours? What did you get up to? Let me know! Last week of #fabulousfebruary next week, actually can't believe that!

Chat soon lovelies!

Sophia x

S&H's Disney Friday: THE LION KING

Hello one and all and happy Friday! 

I have been so busy this week and felt bad I hadn't got this review up sooner but then I realised this was probably the most fitting time to do this review, on Disney Friday! 

So, on Wednesday evening my boyfriend and I went to see the wonderful spectacle that is The Lion King (the musical stage show) at the Palace theatre in Manchester.

I had seen it but years and years ago and boyfriend was completely new to it but I just we would both love it. The way it's done with all of the incredible animal puppets (although puppets seems like too small a word!) and music and costumes just brings the story to life on another level!

All of the classic songs feature like 'Circle of life', 'Can you feel the love tonight?, and 'Hakuna Matata' as well as a few specifically for the show. If I'm being really picky I could kind of see why they didn't feature in the movie as they weren't as catchy or necessary as the classics we know and love, but they still offered a different spectacle in terms of performance each time so that was lovely!

Standout performances for me were Scar (total scene stealer) and Nala however the cast were all very strong. Little Simba seemed a little out of his depth but he couldn't have been more than 7 years old so i just felt massively proud that he was getting up there and giving it his all!

The Palace theatre itself is very grand and beautiful inside. I'd never been before and it really had the West End theatre feel that I haven't felt in many other theatres outside of London so that added to my excitement!

With our tickets we also got some variety boxes. These basically consisted of many sweet treats which I ate none of and boyfriend devoured so he was on a massive sugar high! Also because we both declines our complimentary alcoholic drink, opting for soft, that was turned into two free ice creams at the interval! And yep, you guessed it, he are them both. I promise you boyfriend has the most lean, muscly, healthy physique you can imagine as well. Life, eh?!

Anyway, this is the kind of show that anyone could go and see and enjoy thoroughly! Families, friends, couples, it's perfect for all and they even managed to keep it fresh and current with some Riverdance and Frozen references! Yes really!

All in all it's a brilliant show, if it's coming to a theatre near you next I urge you to go! If you love the film you'll love love love this! 

Have you seen The Lion King? What's the best musical you've ever seen? Do you like the idea of musical versions of movies?

Sophia x

Small and 10 happy things! #5

Hello there lovely people!! How you doing? So we are half way through February (say what?!) and for me it has been a very busy week with school assessments and what not. However, looking back there have also been a lot of highs and little special moments so let's have a nice recap and a catch up!

1// Stealing some time for Beauty and the Beast. Disney makes most weeks better, non? 

2// My class acing their first (and my first!) assembly! I won't do work happy things all the time but I do work in a challenging environment so the happy moments need to be celebrated greatly as much for me as for the kids! This week the whole class stepped it up for our assembly and to see children who usually skip school or are late or pull out of participating all rally together to do something they were proud of was really inspiring. I am so happy they feel safe enough to put themselves out there now. #emotional

3// The fact that the Sun is shining! This weekend especially has definitely seen Mr Sun not just poking his head out but actually baring all in an almost cloudless blue sky at several points! I'm feeling instantly happier and closer to summer already! 

4// My weather happiness has come at an ironic time as one of my other pieces of happiness this week was finally getting hands on (literally!) some touch screen gloves! These beauties are from asos (sold out I'm afraid now!) and they were a belated Christmas present from my sister's boyfriend so that was a lovely little surprise that came my way this week! They don't work 100% of the time as my fingers are far too small so the pressure from my fingertips isn't at end of the glove #smallandlesshappy) but they are beautiful anyway and I love them!

5// Celebrating Valentine's day yesterday the best way I know how: with my favourite person in the world eating my favourite food. The delicious natural and cookies and cream frozen yoghurt we had at yogberries in Hale, Cheshire was absolutely delicious! If you're in the area go please! They also deliver. Seriously.

6//  Having time to indulge in my new guilty pleasure...Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on itv player. As I have mentioned briefly I was a cheerleader at university and loved everything it entailed. As such, this reality show following the Dallas cheerleaders picking a new squad and training them is right up my street! It's dramatic, peppy and makes what I did at uni look like toddlers dancing at a disco. I know as much about American football as I do about quantum physics but I do know that Dallas' team are a huge deal so their cheer squad needs to be tight (bit of cheer lingo for you there) so the pressure is really on for these aspiring ladies! Pure guilty pleasure and reality tv at it's Southern charm best!

7// Taking the sensible road and having some 'me time'. I have been suffering with laryngitis as I've mentioned but I didn't stop my workout routine once much to the dismay of my boyfriend who said I was working myself too hard and delaying my recovery. My excuse was that you're silent for an hour in an exercise class and if I was at home there's absolutely no chance that would happen so surely I was giving my voice time to heal?! Despite my stubborn ways this Monday I gave my usual Zumba class a miss and actually listened to my body which was telling me I was drained, exhausted and needed the rest. So, I came straight home from work, watched some tv, did no work for school and just chilled out. It really did me the world of good and honestly set me up for the week. I am such a one for always pushing on, stiff upper lip, don't want to admit I'm poorly (think Monica on Friends) and all that but for once I'm really, really glad I took self care seriously this week. *pats on back* 

8// TV again but I have been loving Modern Family and Scandal recently. There is just much to watch at the minute, we are so spoiled for choice when it comes to good tv right now.

9// The fact that I am ending this week by heading home to Sheffield to see my Mum and sister. I absolutely can't wait to be reunited and to spend some proper time together without the stress of work(ish!) look how happy we are to be together, you can't go without that joy for too long! 

10// The Comic Relief Bake Off on Wednesday. Tell me you all watched this too?! I absolutely loved Dame Edna and I think Joanna Lumley is a class act. I just love the show so much and it always makes me think of Summer which is goood! Next week they've got Jonathan Ross, Gok Wan, Zoella and Abbey Clancy. Not only have I heard of all these people (rare for any celeb reality show type thing) but I LIKE all of them too so this will be really fun to watch and I'm sure this will feature in next week's happy things! 

What's made you happy this week? Are you experiencing a bit of Sun at the minute too? Do you have any tv guilty pleasures? (Please tell me you do!) 

Sophia x

Small and happy's Disney Friday!

Hello lovelies! 

A nice little romantic Disney Friday picture this week seeing as we are on the cusp of Valentine's weekend. Plus I adore Donald and Daisy so anything that includes them is a-Okay by me!

It's Friday! Have we all had good weeks? Mine has been a bit crazy to say the least, it's assessment week in school so it's been a lot of marking, looking at data and late nights! But as of 3.15 today I will be done! Lol jk, the kids will be done..I will be filing and marking and planning until boyfriend picks me up at 6! 

I am still very grateful for this break though as I know it is a unique one to my profession so I am grabbing this opportunity with both hands (and feet, and everything else!)

I am currently drafting this at just gone 6am having been up since 5.30. Why you may ask?! Well boyfriend is away and I've had to be home alone in the flat for the first time. I like to think I am a well put together adult but truth is I did not like the idea of sleeping alone. Also as we use his alarm (I always, always sleep with my phone off) I was panicking I wouldn't get up! So my body did that usual thing of knowing you need to get up so you wake up incredibly early! Anyone else ever do that?

Anyway, none of that will bring my mood down because it is Friday and I can't wait  to start the day, smash it and enjoy the weekend!! #pumped #deliriouslytired

What are you up to? Any special Valentine's plans for the weekend? Are you envisaging a crazy Friday 13th?! What's been the highlight of your week?

Sophia x
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