Small, happy and throwback Thursday!

After some beautiful days that teased us that Spring was coming I wake up to rain (standard Manchester!) and news from my Mum that there's snow in Sheffield! So to that end I'm throwing back to sunnier times, Portugal this last summer 2014. Come one sunshine, we'd love to see your smiley face again soon! 

What is it like where you are? Are you sitting pretty laughing at us poor, cold UK dwellers or are you teaching for your brolly this morning too?

Lots of love, it's almost Friday!

Sophia :) xxx


  1. Sophia you've won my ZICO challenge but I can't find your e-mail anywhere and I'm not sure if you've read my reply on your comment!! But please e-mail me with your delivery address at asap so I can get ZICO to send you your prize! xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hopefully the sunshine and warmer weather will be here soon! xx


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