Small and 10 happy things! #8

Firstly, no I am not currently on a beach in Thailand. This is a lovely throwback to 2012, however I thought this was a very nice happy photo and thus very appropriate to use for this week's happy things.

I may not be picking up shells in a far off corner of the world but I am still loving life UK side and here are the little things that have made my March this week! 

1// World Book Day. As a teacher this day is obviously a big deal and it was so fun to dress up (Katniss Everdeen all the way!) and see all the kids in their costumes too! Reading purely for joy is just not celebrated in schools as much as it should be so it was lovely to inspire the children and hopefully it will continue. Having said that, I must admit half of my class are glued to Zoella's books so I must thank her for that!

2// Facetiming my grandma! As you heard in last week's happy things my grandma, aka best pal for life, got an iphone. Now she is a stubborn technophobe and I was doubtful she'd even use it at all so you can imagine my shock and absolute glee when she FACETIMED me on Wednesday evening! She was so happy she could see me and it's going to make the times that we're separated by the naughty Pennines that much easier!

3// Not just surviving but THRIVING in an incredibly crazy week at work! I can't go into too much detail but we had some very important 'visitors' in school. Fellow teachers will know who I am referring to... Anyway, it all went well and they were particulary complimentary to me which was really really exciting and gave me a big spring in my step! This then turned into utter exhaustion by Friday but oh well!

4// Picking up the new issue of Cosmo. I have yet to dive into this, however I am loving the look of it so far. Cameron Diaz is a gem and I just love the feeling of a new glossy in my hands. You just can't beat it. #readbooksnotscreens

5// Lovely phone chats with a bestie. This is always good and although it's hard sometimes to organise a time it is so important and always makes me so happy!

6// Beautiful weather on Saturday. The weather was really looking up this weekend and it's making me feel so summery! Please don't go awayyyyy sunshineee!

7// Travel planning. I picked up some travel guides for South East Asia, so excited to finally be planning properly!

8// Having a total day off on Saturday (and most of Sunday too...) I feel so guilty when I do this but I really felt like I deserved it after the week and that's what weekends are for aren't they? For relaxing! 

9// Lazy mornings in bed. Even if I'm up too early, just being able to lounge around in bed is just bliss. 

10// My Whatsapp group with my mum and my sister. We have daily random crazy chats at all hours and it's just brilliant! This is when the pros of technology completely outweigh the bad, in my opinion anyway! Anything that allows three women in different cities to be close and talk so much is a gift.

What's made you happy this week? I hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend!

Sophia :) 



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