Small and 10 happy things! #10

Time once again to round up the happy things of this this week! 
I've spent the majority of the last seven days missing my boyfriend while he was been in hospital so if I'm honest it's certainly not been the happiest of weeks on the whole. However, there's always something to smile about on this blog and the week ended up finishing with a wonderful surprise!!

1// Having Taylor Swift/Spice Girls morning dance sessions! Without boyfriend around I've been getting ready for work on my own so I've made it into a little solo dance party every day, totally pumping me up for the day!

2// My grandma buying me a new little cuddly friend. She picked up this adorable bear for a pound in a charity shop this week and gave it to me as she felt bad for me having to be home alone! Even though I am a proper adult I love cuddly toys so it was so sweet that she thought of me in what was quite a lonely week (at the start anyway...)

3// Receiving a lovely card in the post. Again something to do with that fabulous grandma of mine. Her bestie Joan sent my boyfriend a get well soon card this and she dropped a little surprise one in there for me too! She's absolutely wonderful and I feel like I have a whole group of OAP pals thanks to my AWESOME gma.

4// The solar eclipse. This was just pretty cool for everyone no? It's times like these when I really love my job. Sharing the eclipse with my class and showing them the live feed and watching their expressions made it so memorable for me. It's one of those moments that they'll remember where they were for and I feel really lucky that I got to help make it special for them. It was special for me too as I got to indulge in my Brian Cox obsession at my place of work... ;) added bonus for me!

5// Having an evening off watching It Takes Two. Please tell me someone else has heard of this adorable Mary-Kate and Ashley film? They made it when they were about 5 and it's basically Parent trap except the kids aren't related. At all. I know. If you can get past the fact that these two identical twins are cometslt unrelated then this is a really sweet movie where a rich girl and a poor orphan meet by chance and decide to set up her father and her orphanage running lady (definitely can't think of the official job title!) It's a 90s classic and I whole heartedly recommend it. Like I would any Olsen movie, tv show, tbh. Mega fan here.

6// Ending the week with the wonderful surprising news that my boyfriend was coming home from hospital! We made a delicious red lentil curry (our FAVOURITE dish) and just kicked back and watched 24, it was wonderful.

7// The beautiful sunshine this weekend. I'm feeling in such a good mood because of it :) It just makes everything (and everyone) nicer!

8// Cuddles in bed. I have experienced what it's like living alone and I am not doing it ever again if I can help it. It was so lovely to have someone to wake up to again, I have really, really missed it.

9// Buying two DVDs this week. Call me a big spender!

10// Cross country phone calls with my Portuguese fam. I am so looking forward to seeing them on my annual trip and it was so nice to have a good old catch up with my grandma and grandpa.

So all in all a week with a very happy ending. This week was also international happiness day on Friday and I am going to make a concerted effort to carry over that happiness and the gratefulness was that this week has brought me into the rest of the month (and beyond!) 

How was your week? What made you smile? I hope you enjoyed the sunshine! 

Sophia :) xxxxxx


  1. So glad your boyfriend is well enough to have come home from the hospital. Hope he continues to recover well! Your Grandma sounds adorable :)

    Miranda xxx

    1. Oh thanks Miranda :) and yeah she is literally the cutest! Xxxxx


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