Small. happy and LUCKY.

There were so many different events last week weren't there? Not only the solar eclipse and my grandma's birthday (I know that second one was a big deal for you too!) but on Tuesday 17th March it was St Paddy's day! 

Now apart from having an Irish bestie and going out and getting drunk for this Irish celebration in my uni days (#honest) I never really used St Patrick's to any kind of reflective use. 

However, this year I got thinking about all the things I feel lucky to have. It can be so easy to get caught up in a world of wishlists or focusing on the negatives but we are all so blessed in some way and we need to make sure we sit back and stock of all the things we are lucky to have :) 

I'm lucky to:

Have enough food in my fridge.

Have somewhere to lay my head every night.

To have a loving family, even if they don't all live 5 minutes away.

To be able to read and enjoy literature and the words around me.

To have my health and to be young and fit enough to exercise and enjoy moving without pain. 

To live in a society where my options are not limited. 

To live 5 minutes away from Boots (yes, I'm getting silly now!)

To know that frozen yoghurt is officially a THING and it's not going away! 

To have Disney movies to watch to instantly boost my mood.

To know that everyday I get to do a job that I enjoy in a place where I am valued.

To be able to travel the world (when money and time allows obviously!)

To not be discriminated against or made to feel unsafe because of my race or religion.

To have fantastic, loving, true 

Basically, we're all pretty lucky in lots of small little ways and that's something we to remember. Some basic, basic things we take for granted are the dreams and wishes of so many people across the world. This is why I took St Patrick's day last week as a chance to think of the things I am already lucky to have, the gold at the end of my own rainbow.

What do you feel lucky for in your life? Did you celebrate St Patrick's at all? And yes, getting drunk and putting on an accent definitely counts!

Sophia x


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