Small and happy's A to Z of my mum.

It's Mother's Day! A day where we get to unashamedly wax lyrical about the ladies who gave us life. I've seen this on a couple of blogs so I thought I'd have a go at doing an A to Z of my own Mum, my best friend and my rock. Lorelai and Rory have got nothing on us!

Amazingly hardworking.

Beautiful when it comes to cooking (and her looks, obvs!)

Calm in a crisis (mostly!)

Determined to look after us all the time.

Even when we're old!

Friendly to people we have over, no matter the hour or who they are!

Great at remembering little faffy things that I forget to do! 

Honest and happy.

Intelligent, is there anything she can't figure our how to do?!

Just hilarious (without meaning to be!)

Kind, almost to a fault!

Loving to all, especially small children.

Mess exterminator! She is so clean.

No one like her.

Only concerned with keeping my sister and I happy. 

Portuguese. I am so glad to have inherited her amazing culture (and ability to tan!)

Quirky-especially her sense of humour. I have never seen anyone laugh so much at You've been framed. It's so lame.

Ridiculously helpful at all times!

Silly when she wants to be.

Tirelessly working and always doing her best.

Undeniably the most selfless person I know.

Very, very supportive.


X faxtor. She's bit just a mum but a best friend.

You can't get luckier really.

Zealous with her love of Brad Pitt.

Must admit, I'm quite impressed with my last one!

Anyway, I hope you had a lovely day celebrating with your mothers or any of the special ladies on your life. After all, a mother figure can be any woman we look up to. My grandma is my second mum and I could have quite easily written a huge post about her but I don't think she'd appreciate her picture being out there in the internet world!

Right then, have a lovely Sunday and I shall leave you with this lovely quote...

Always my mother, forever my friend.

Lots of love!

Sophia  :) xxxx


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